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Yosuda Spin Bike – Get A Great Workout For Under $300

Yosuda spin bike review

I love to mountain bike. I also live in Michigan with a real winter that gets cold and icy. An indoor exercise bike can help you get your rides in when it’s cold or the weather isn’t cooperating. We recently got a chance to try out the Yosuda YB001 indoor exercise bike. We found it to give a good workout for a very reasonable price under $300. Keep reading for our full Yosuda Spin Bike review.

Features of the Yosuda Spin Bike

Best Spin Bike Under $300

YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Bike YB001
Yosuda Spin Bike Product Image
  • Why choose YOSUDA bike? – YOSUDA has always been the concept of fashion fitness, producing quality fitness equipment products. Each product has been carefully designed by the R&D team to strictly control the manufacturing process and provide excellent products.
  • 4-Way Adjustable Seat & 2-Way Adjustable Handlebars – Ergonomically molded seat and adjustable positioning to keep your workout can remain comfortable when riding for long periods of time.
  • Real-Time Workout Data – The YB001’s multifunctional LCD monitor tracks in real-time your workout time, distance, speed, calories and odometer so you can see your progress with every pedal stroke.
  • Adjustable Resistance – Provides a smooth, quiet ride with continuous infinite resistance adjustment.
  • Rider size range – Adjustable inseam height: Min 25 in / Max 35 in
  • Max rider weight – 270 lbs

Use the Coupon Code GHG05 for 5% off at yosudabikes.com

The Yosuda YB001 is an indoor exercise bike for your home, basement, or garage gym. Yosuda provided the bike for us to use at home and review. As always with our reviews, we’ll give you all the good and bad about it.

The YB001 is the lowest price of the 3 Yosuda exercise bikes. It is a basic durable bike with every feature you need to get a good workout but without unnecessary extras.

Yosuda bike animation


The Yosuda stationary bike YB001 retails for $283 on their website. With our discount code GHG05 you can get it for $269. This makes it one of the cheaper indoor exercise bikes available. It is about $100 cheaper than the popular Cyclace Exercise Bike with similar features.


The bike has a sturdy steel frame and legs. At the heart of the bike is a 35 lb flywheel that is belt driven. The handlebars and seatpost are also steel. There is a plastic guard over the driveline for safety. There is no plastic or composite in the main structural parts of the bike.


Assembly is very straight forward. There is an included instruction sheet plus some bolts, nuts, and tools. For once, there are a few extra parts in case you need them.

yosuda bike parts

It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the bike. It took me about an hour to clean up the mess from the box and beaded styrofoam packaging. Plan on spending an hour to an hour and a half to get this bike together and clean up the mess from the packaging.

It goes together in about 6 steps. The most difficult and time consuming step is attaching the pedals. The left pedal is backward threaded. Turn it in the opposite direction you normally would to tighten it. There is a lock nut on each pedal to give them even more security. The toe cage comes already attached to each pedal.

Weight Capacity

The Yosuda Spin Bike can handle riders up to 270 lbs. There is a sticker on the down tube with the weight limit to make it easy to find and remember.

Single Speed belt driven flywheel

This spin bike uses a fixed gear belt drive attached to the flywheel. This is a basic bike and doesn’t have any gears or freewheel. Most spin bikes are built this way including high end bikes such as Peleton. I checked the spin bikes at my gym and they were fixies as well. There are some exercise benefits to having a fixed gear bike with no freewheel. See this discussion for more information on that subject.

Variable friction resistance

The Yosuda indoor cycling bike uses a friction brake to apply adjustable resistance to the flywheel. It does not have magnetic resistance adjustment. You adjust it with a red knob located on the frame downtube which pushes the friction brake down into the flywheel. It is easy to adjust while riding.

resistance brake pad

There is a wide range of resistance level. It goes from zero friction to so much friction I can barely turn the pedals. A 1/2 turn of the knob is enough to make a noticeable difference in the resistance. I find when pedaling the bike, 3/4 of a turn adds enough friction when I transition from seated to standing. You don’t have to turn the knob a lot to get the resistance you want.

Resistance knob

You can stop the flywheel at any time by pushing down on the adjustment knob. If your foot slips off and you want to stop the pedals you can push down the knob to brake the flywheel quickly.

An extra brake pad is included with the bike for when the friction material wears out and it needs changed.

Adjustable cage pedals

This indoor bike has metal cage pedals with plastic toe clips and straps. The straps are adjustable to fit any shoe size. Do not remove the straps. One of the downsides of a fixed gear bike is that the flywheel has a lot of momentum in it. If your foot slips off the pedal while it’s going fast, the pedal can easily spin around and slam into your shins. It hurts. If you slipped off your bike pedal and got nailed in the shins as a kid you remember it. Use the pedal straps. Don’t be tempted to remove them.

cage pedal

I typically ride the bike with regular workout shoes. I don’t put my cycling shoes on for indoor riding.

The pedals use normal generic pedal threads. If you have a set of clipless pedals you want to use like SPD’s or Look’s. You can easily swap them in for the pedals that came with the bike.

4 way adjustable seat

The seat post can adjust up and down. The seat can move forward and backwards. It is easy to find a good riding position. If you ride a road or mountain bike, it’s easy to set this bike up with a similar riding position. It tends to have a more forward, athletic riding position like most other spin bikes.

The seat has a good amount of cushion on it. I would call it a really fat seat for mountain biking. For a stationary bike where you are sitting down a lot, it works well. It has a groove down the middle to help prevent numbness. The seat is mounted on rails just like a normal bike. If you want to replace the seat with your favorite bike seat, you can easily do it.

4 way adjustable seat

Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar height can be adjusted to suit your riding preference. The handlebar shape is road bike/triathlon style handlebar. The handlebar is bolted to a plate on the top of the handlebar mount. You can’t swap the handlebars out with different shapes such as a mountain bike bar. This is one of my wishes for this and a lot of exercise bikes. If you are a mountain biker, you can’t get an MTB style handlebar for them.

The handlebar tube has some play in it where it slides into the frame. The seat has similar amounts but I don’t notice it in the seat while riding. I do notice the handlebar wobble while riding it. This is one area the bike could be improved a bit by tightening up the tolerance between the handlebar tube and frame.

adjustable handlebar

LCD monitor

This Yosuda bike has no programs or exercise routines built into it. The resistance is a completely manual adjustment. The small digital monitor has basic information such as time, speed, distance, and calories. It’s easy to use. It has one button for control. Hold the button in for a few seconds to reset it and start the timer back to zero.

LCD Monitor

iPad holder

There is a plastic phone or tablet holder that clips onto the handlebar. It is sized to hold an iPad. It has a few different tabs and notches for holding different sized devices. It holds an iPhone pretty wheel between the tray and bottom of the LCD display.

iPad holder

Easy to move with transport wheels

The front support has wheels on it so you can easily move the bike around. It takes only a little effort to tip it up. It balances well on the wheels. It’s easy enough to move that you can store it in the corner and roll it out to use it every time.

moving bike using rollers

Working out

I have been riding this indoor cycle bike every day in the morning for 20 to 30 minutes for a few weeks. I tend to do a few minutes, standup pedal for about 30 seconds then ride seated for another 5 minutes and repeat. I turn the friction knob up about 3/4 turn before standing. It slows down the flywheel making it easier to transition. You can make an intense workout or easier workout by adjusting the knob.

I just started riding outdoors again after the end of winter. It made the first mountain bike ride feel a lot better than past winters when I haven’t ridden anything. Having a stationary bike at home helps you get more out of your outdoor rides.

Yosuda bike being ridden
larger rider on yosuda bike

Noise level

The bike is quiet. The flywheel and driveline noise is quiet. It’s easy to listen to the TV or music at normal volumes. It’s much quieter than hooking my mountain bike up to a trainer stand. Mine does make a clicking noise sometimes if I am pedaling hard. I think it is from the plastic belt guard hitting against the frame somewhere around the cranks. It only does it sometimes and only when I have the resistance turned up higher and I’m working hard.


Yosuda says that the bike can be ridden by up to a 270 lb person. I’m over 200 lbs. I’ve been using the bike at least once a day for 20-30 minutes since getting it a few weeks ago. My wife is smaller and has been using it most days as well. We haven’t had any issues with the bike yet other than the clicking noise that sometimes occurs. Other reviews seem to indicate that the pedals are the most likely item to fail. These can easily be replaced if they do break.

We will update this section if we do have something fail on the bike and tell you what our experience with customer service is getting parts or repairs. So far everything has worked well and we are happy with the bike.

Yosuda Spin Bike YB001 Summary

YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Bike YB001
Yosuda Spin Bike Product Image

Use the Coupon Code GHG05 for 5% off at yosudabikes.com

What we liked
  • Good range of resistance
  • Low price
  • Quiet to use
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple LCD monitor that gives you what you need
What we didn’t like
  • The handlebar has some wobble
  • Bike sometimes makes a clicking noise under higher resistance pedaling

Yosuda discount code

Use the Coupon Code GHG05 for 5% off at yosudabikes.com

Wrap up

We are happy with the Yosuda Exercise Bike. It would make a good addition to anyone’s home exercise equipment. It makes a great indoor supplement to riding. It helps you keep your riding muscles in shape during winter if you don’t like riding outside in the cold. It is an excellent value for its price.

If you are looking for good value in a bike you can ride outdoors, check out our guide to the best $600 mountain bikes.

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