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Turq Underwear – The Best Men’s Underwear For Any Sport. Wet or Dry!

turq underwear review

Soggy feeling underwear that rubs the wrong way can really ruin your day. If you want underwear that is comfortable, fast drying, and chafe free check out Turq. We recently got a chance to try out Turq underwear. It’s some of the most comfortable and chafe free underwear available. It’s perfect for any activity from skiing in the winter to paddleboarding and swimming in the summer. Keep reading to learn more.

About Turq

Turq produces the very best and most comfortable men’s underwear available. Turq was created by a bunch of active guys who wanted a better option for their underwear. Their goal was producing underwear that was chafe free, quick drying and odor free. They succeeded in making a great product perfect for active men and youth. It was originally designed for surfing and water sports, it’s great for any sport, activity, or lounging around.

Turq underwear features

Best Men’s Underwear for Outdoor Activities

TURQ Performance Underwear with Freestyle Fit

Turq freestyle fit product image
  • CHAFE FREE – Turq performance underwear is superior to traditional compression shorts. Our underwear is designed not to chafe and provide cool comfort all day.
  • SILVER-INFUSED – Our jockey shorts are constructed with butter-soft heathered fabric infused with silver ions that have natural odor-defying qualities.
  • SEAMLESSLY KNIT & VENTILATED – Our boxer briefs offer a smooth fit with an air-flow construction using a lightweight, chlorine-safe nylon/polyester/spandex blend. Allowing for ease of movement while offering comfortably close, non-compressive, supportive fit
  • ATHLETE APPROVED – Although originally designed with watermen in mind, Turq beats compression shorts as an outstanding sports base layer for running, cycling hiking, football, basketball, soccer, golf, snowboarding, swimming, and workouts at the gym.

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TURQ Performance Underwear with Paradise Pouch
Turq paradise pouch product image
  • Turq’s Paradise Pouch – Our proprietary Paradise Pouch fit was designed to offer unrivaled, everyday comfort. By keeping your boys comfortably separated from your thighs in a roomy front pocket, the Paradise Pouch helps to support you below deck while offering all-day, friction-free comfort.
  • Smooth Supportive Fit – Performance underwear is significantly superior than your traditional briefs in the supreme support it offers.
  • Ventilated Air Flow – Speaking of keeping things more sanitary down there, as well as facilitating more comfortable wear, performance underwear is designed to enhance airflow. Because the boys need to breathe, too! 

Turq makes 2 styles of mens underwear. The Paradise Pouch and Freestyle Fit. They are high quality and made with the best materials. Both are designed to be quick drying, chafe free. They are both made from silver-infused antimicrobial microfiber to keep odors away. They are perfect to wear under baselayers for winter sports involving a lot of movement like skiing. They work great as liners underneath board shorts or swimming trunks for water sports.

turq with water sports gear

Both styles are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They have many water sports themed options. They come in single or multipacks. They also sell a monthly subscription purchase option for those who want the most convenient way to always have fresh underwear.

They come in individual packaging made from recycled materials for those of us sick of getting everything in single use plastic wrapping.

We got a chance to try out both types. They are the best underwear I’ve ever used. Let’s get into some of the details.

turq packaging front
turq packaging back

Freestyle Fit

The Freestyle Fit is the original Turq underwear design. It is a more traditional boxer brief. It offers good support. It is seamless and soft and feels really good. It uses the following materials.

  • Polyester 74%
  • Nylon 18%
  • Spandex 8%

The fabric is ventilated so it dries quickly. It won’t stay wet after being in the water and leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a swamp all afternoon.

A youth version of the Freestyle Fit is also available.

freestyle fit front
freestyle fit back

Paradise Pouch

The Paradise Pouch is the latest offering from Turq. Like the freestyle fit, it is made with antimicrobial material that is seamless and quick drying. It has a separate pouch to keep your junk separated and free from chafing. It gives you that extra bit of freedom and comfort. You won’t feel your stuff getting squished or smashed all day.

The Turq Paradise Pouch uses the same materials as the Freestyle Fit.

  • Polyester 74%
  • Nylon 18%
  • Spandex 8%
paradise pouch front
paradise pouch back
paradise pouch pouch


Turq underwear is available in sizes small through XL. Small is for a waist range of 28″-30″. XL is for a waist range of 37-39″. I am a bit bigger than a 39″ waist and they still fit me very comfortably. The realistic top end for the XL is probably closer to 41-42″. There is no XXL or larger sizes for bigger guys.

Machine washable

Both styles can be machine washed. They recommend washing on a cold cycle set on gentle. Use low heat for drying.

How do they feel?

I’ve spent some time in both sets of underwear now. Both are very comfortable but have a different feel to them.

The Freestyle Fit feels like traditional boxer briefs. They keep your stuff under control and don’t let it bounce around much. They have a tight smooth feel to them. You don’t feel any chafing between your legs or in your crotch area. They dry fast. You don’t feel swampy after an hour at the gym before you get them off. They work very well as liners under board shorts. I have worn them paddle boarding and kayaking a few times. They dry off quick when you get out of the water. They keep your stuff feeling more controlled than a set of swimming trunks with a mesh liner.

The Paradise Pouch has a bit different feel to them. They have a looser, more free feel for your stuff. Your junk rests nicely in the pouch area. It keeps you from having any chafing feeling around the edges. They feel more free than the Freestyle Fit. They feel equally good for athletic activities like skiing or kayaking.

turq underwear paddling

When to wear Turq

You can wear Turq underwear at any time. They are designed for water sports such as kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding or swimming. They work great underneath a wetsuit or any bathing suit if you want more support and control. They work equally well for traditional sports such as running, basketball, hiking, or camping. I like wearing them skiing underneath baselayers. They keep everything free and dry don’t leave you feeling swampy on warmer spring skiing days.

turq underwear skiing
TURQ Performance Underwear with Paradise Pouch
Turq paradise pouch product image
What we liked
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Dry quick after getting in the water
  • They keep your stuff under control
  • No chaffing
  • Perfect for water sports
  • Available in mens and youth sizes
What we didn’t like
  • No XXL or larger sizes for bigger guys

Wrap Up

Turq underwear are the very most comfortable men’s underwear available. They are perfect for any sport or activity involving motion whether it’s on land or in the water. If you want better underwear for your next adventure, check out Turq.

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