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The 11 Best Skiing Top 10 Lists From The Depths Of The Internet

The best skiing top 10 lists out there

The internet is full of top 10 lists. Here are the 11 best skiing top 10 lists on the internet right now. Because who couldn’t use some best of the best right now.

The world is about opinions and top 10 lists are all opinions by other someone or a group of someones. The most interesting things to read in a newspaper are the opinions and letters to the editors. Where else do you find the crazy in supposedly respectable publications.

I got this idea after listening to the Ski Rex Media podcast on why he’ll make a top 10 list. You can watch that episode here. After listening I went on a search to see what kind of weird and crazy skiing top 10 lists are out there other than the typical Best Ski Resorts lists that all list a mix of 10 Epic and Ikon Pass resorts that everyone already knows about.

Here they are. The 11 best skiing top 10 lists.

1 – Here are 10 must-see skiing and freeskiing video series on Red Bull TV

Here are some really cool snowboard films to watch. If you’ve got a few hours to burn and want to see lots of scenery and big sends this is the place to go.

2 – The 10 Craziest Places to Ski

From the middle east, to deserts to North Korea. People ski everywhere. This is a list of places I’ve never heard of before. If you want to go to ski resorts where no one you know has gone, this is the list to check out.


Some notable quotes from the likes of Warren Miller, Dave Barry and Glen Plake. Check it out for some wise words of skiing wisdom.

4 – The world’s 10 highest ski resorts may surprise you

If you’ve skied at Loveland Pass, you’ve had the joy of sucking oxygen trying to walk across the parking lot over 10,000 feet. But there are ski resorts out there thousands of feet higher. Check out this one to find the most oxygen deprived skiing in the world.

skier walking in costume

5 – Top 10 ski movies: The good, the bad, and Hot Dog … The Movie

No ski movie list could be complete with Better Off Dead and Hot Dog. Find out what other great ski movies are out there to watch while your stuck at home and can’t go ski.

6 – The 10 Best Ski-in, Ski-Out Bars in the World

Apres Ski is a serious deal. You can go skiing without apres but is it really still skiing? The powder was only a few inches deep on the mountain. At the apres bar it was fresh virgin knee deep blower all day long.

7 – Top 10 extreme skiing spots

Sometimes you need more than just a regular day of skiing groomers to be satisfied. These are the most hardcore crazy off the wall terrifying mountains in the world. When the mountain really really calls you in that deep down dark place, these are where you need to go to be satisfied.

8 – America’s Best Colleges for Skiing & Snowboarding

What is college without extra curricular activity? It’s a lot of unbalanced studying and learning. If you want to go to college and be a ski bum during your study breaks these are the best colleges to check out.

spring gaper day skiing no snow

9 – The 10 BEST Ski Lifts in the WORLD

There are some ski lifts that are just standouts in terms of terrain and view. These are the classic great lifts to ride across the world. You know your in for a special kind of day when you get on any of these.

10 – Bartenders Recommend the Best Après-Ski Drinks in the World

If you can’t decide what drink to order at apres these are for you. I’m a beer person myself. Some people want something with a bit more sophistication. If that’s you check out these spots.


Hold onto your seat watching these. They are not at all for the faint of heart. These are terrifying, frightful and you know you want to watch all of them. Sorry, there aren’t 10 here but 6 is enough. Everyone survived this batch of falls.

Bonus – Freeride World Tour 2020 Top 10 sends.

Because we can’t end on something negative. Here is a collection of the top 10 sends from the Freeride World Tour 2020 where no falls occurred.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of the best skiing top 10 lists I could dig up on the internet right now.

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