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Speaqua Vibe 2.0 – Great Waterproof Speaker You Can Take Paddling

Speaqua Vibe 2.0 review

Having some music to listen to can make your stand up paddleboarding adventure more fun. Music can be a great motivator when you’re working out on the water. The Speaqua Vibe 2.0 is a great small waterproof floating wireless speaker you can take anywhere. We got to try one out recently and it’s a really fun well designed versatile speaker. Keep reading to learn all the details of the Speaqua Barnacle Vibe 2.0.

About Speaqua

Speaqua is United States company based in San Diego that makes a variety of water proof speakers. They design speakers with unprecedented outdoor functionality to use while paddling, boating, golf and doing other activities. Speaqua believes you should be able to have music anywhere to enhance your active lifestyle. Music can enhance your outdoor experience.

Features of the Speaqua Vibe 2.0

Best Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Speaqua – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Barnacle Vibe 2.0
Speaqua vibe product image

Key Features and Specifications

  • 100% WATERPROOF AND SANDPROOF: Speaqua’s Vibe series is insanely waterproof (IP68). Our unique design is the only speaker that can be fully submerged for continuous underwater play up to 6 feet and is virtually indestructible
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Our speakers use the latest Bluetooth technology that allows for up to 33 feet of connectivity.
  • DUAL PAIRING: Easily sync 2 speakers with dual pairing capability and immerse yourself in true wireless surround sound
  • MORE SOUND & MORE BASS: With 7 Watts (8 hours of play time) of audio output, The Vibe delivers loud & robust sound with deep & dynamic bass

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The Barnacle Vibe 2.0 is the latest waterproof speaker offering from Speaqua. It is also the largest, most powerful speaker they offer. Popular stand up paddleboard brand iRocker sells a Blackfin branded Speaqua Vibe 2.0. They provided us with one to test out while paddleboarding. It is a really fun, very versatile speaker that is perfect for paddling and the outdoors. As with all our reviews, we’ll give you both the good and bad so you can make an informed decision.

It is available in 6 colors from Speaqua. 2 colors are available from iRocker for their Blackfin branded edition and 2 colors are available from Amazon. We got the black Blackfin version for our review.

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Speaqua going paddling


The Speaqua Vibe 2.0 retails for $89.99 to $94.99 depending on where you look. It is $89.99 through iRocker’s website and that is the best deal we have seen on it. It is also available on Amazon

Music Playback

The purpose of the Speaqua is playing music or other audio. It can play audio either through a Bluetooth connection or with internal memory. It has 8 watts of playback power. They have dual pairing capability for a true wireless dual speaker.

We found the speaker has plenty of volume. It’s loud enough to be satisfying on your paddleboard or boat (with the engine off) but not loud enough to be obnoxious. The overall sound performance is good enough for listening to outdoors or on the water. It’s not BOSE home theater quality. It’s pretty good sound quality for a small portable speaker that is waterproof and everything else that it does.

The volume is set both by your speaker and by the volume setting on your phone. If your phone is set at 50% volume, the speaker may not seem that loud even at full volume. Turn your phone all the way up to get the loudest volume out of it.

BlueTooth connectivity

The Speaqua is very easy to pair with any smartphone or other device. When you power on, it is available for pairing right away. Open up the Bluetooth menu on your phone and it will be there to pair and you are set to go. You can pair 2 Speaqua’s at the same time for those who want 2 speakers.

The Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet or 10 meters. You can get a decent distance away from the speaker and it still works. This helps if the speaker falls off your paddleboard while it’s playing and you need to locate it.

8Gb Internal memory

The speaker can hold up to 2000 songs in its 8Gb internal memory for listening to music offline. The files must be MP3 format. Standard .m4a files from iTunes won’t work. I found Audio Converter Online to be a really good tool for converting files to mp3 for free. It will let you convert a lot of files at once. I tried 20 at a time. It doesn’t seem to have a limit for the number you can convert for free in one day. Most free converter sites limit you to 10, maybe 20 songs in one day.

It is very easy to change between Bluetooth and Internal memory. Just tap the power button once. It will switch. The light is blue when it’s in Bluetooth mode and green when it’s set to internal memory.

Smart Phone connectivity

This speaker can also be used to answer phone calls from a smart device when connected by Bluetooth. Press the Play button to answer an incoming call. Hold the play button for 2 seconds to end a call or to cancel the incoming call.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof protection

The Vibe 2.0 is IP68 certified for dust and waterproofing. It is able to be submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for at least 60 minutes. It is dustproof so you can bury it or roll it around in the sand and none will enter the device.


The Vibe will float. I tested this out at home in the tub. It floats and it will continue playing music when it’s in the water. When the speaker is face down it mutes the sound a bit. The speaker face gets some water in it when it comes back up. The sound gets a little muddied until the water drips back out which happens pretty quick.

Speaqua floats

Shock resistant

They claim the Vibe 2.0 to be shockproof. They don’t give any spec for how high it can be dropped from. The whole thing has a rubber coating. There is nothing that sticks out on it anywhere that is an obvious breakpoint. I’m guessing you can drop it from a couple of feet and be fine. I’ve dropped mine from about 3 feet while hanging it upside down by the suction cup.

Mount anywhere

There are a ton of different ways you can mount a Speaqua Barnacle. It has a 1/4″ threaded bottom so you can screw it onto a tripod mount or other accessory mount. It has a carabiner ring built into the bottom so you can clip it to things. They give you a large suction cup that screws into the 1/4″ threaded mount. They also give you a GoPro compatible fitting that screws into the bottom as well. iRocker also provides a GoPro mount that lets you attach it to the action mount on your paddleboard.

carabiner ring
Carabiner Ring
suction cup
Suction Cup
GoPro mount adapter
GoPro Mount Adapter

I tried out the suction cup on a few smooth surfaces. It is strong enough to hang the Speaqua speaker upside down. It did drop after about 5 minutes. I’m not one to trust suction cups all that much. I would only use the suction cup if I had no other option. It does make a pretty good speaker stand for sitting on other things without sucking it to them.

Most of the time I use the iRocker fitting to attach it to the action mount on my paddleboard. It gives you a nice solid sturdy attachment that lets you aim the speaker back at yourself.

Action mount adapter
iRocker action mount adapter
Speaqua attached to action mount

In short. You can stick it to almost anything between the ring hook, suction cup, and action mount.

8 hour battery Life

The battery has an 8 hour play time. I usually paddleboard for more like 2 to 4 hours at a time. Recharging the battery is easy. Plug the provided micro USB cord into it and let it go. It takes a few hours to charge.

Speaqua recycling program

If your speaker stops working, is damaged or you just don’t want it anymore, Speaqua will help you recycle it. Send them a note at customersupport@speaqua.com and tell them what your issue is. They will send you a pre-paid label to return to them for recycling. You’ll get a 20% off coupon from Speaqua as a bonus.

Speaqua – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Barnacle Vibe 2.0
Speaqua vibe product image

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What we liked
  • It is easy to attach it to almost anything
  • It floats, is waterproof and works while submerged
  • Long battery life
  • Works by Bluetooth or offline with internal memory
What we didn’t like
  • The suction cup doesn’t hold that securely
  • The speaker face can hold water muddying up the sound a little

Wrap up

The Speaqua Barnacle Vibe 2.0 is a fun small speaker you can take anywhere to listen to music or other audio. It works off Bluetooth or internal memory. It’s loud enough to be satisfying but not loud enough to be obnoxious. If you want a speaker to listen to some tunes while on your next aquatic adventure, check out the Speaqua Vibe 2.0.

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