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Serenelife SLPUMP10 Review and Test – Cheap Compact High Value SUP Pump

Serenelife SLPUMP10 review

The worst part about using an inflatable paddle board is inflating it. Cheap paddle boards come with hand pumps that barely work and make you feel exhausted. An electric pump is the answer to making inflatable paddleboards much more enjoyable. The Serenelife SLPUMP10 is a simple low cost pump that can inflate boards up to 16 psi. We got one to try out. Keep reading to get the full review and test of the Serenelife SLPUMP10 electric paddle board pump.

SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor (SLPUMP10)

Serenelife SLPUMP10 product image
  • Max Pressure – 16 PSI
  • Inflation Speed Test – 11min 32sec
  • Inflate Multiple Boards – No
  • Size – 9.1″ x 5.5″ x 4.7″
  • Weight – 3 lbs
  • Battery – No
What we liked
  • Cheap electric pump that works
  • Small and compact. Easily fits in SUP bags
  • Easy to use controls and digital display
What we didn’t like
  • Can’t deflate boards
  • Slower inflation times than other pumps
  • Questionable warranty and customer service

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Features of the Serenlife SLPUMP10 electric pump

The Serenelife SLPUMP10 is one of the most popular inflatable paddleboard pumps on Amazon. It is also one of the cheapest. It is a single stage air compressor style pump with a max pressure of 16 psi. This pump is sold under many different brand names such as the Seamax SUP20S. Bodyglove includes this pump with several of their boards. Tuomico and Dongyan are 2 other popular sellers.

These small cheap single stage pumps are good to go along with cheap inflatable paddleboards. If you spent $200-$300 on an inflatable SUP paddle board, you probably don’t want to spend another $150 for an electric pump. You will hate life using the single action hand pump that came with the board and want a better solution. Little electric pumps like this and the Outdoor Master Dolphin are perfect options to go along with cheap inflatable paddle boards.

We paid for our own pump to try out for this review. We will give you all the positive and negatives of it like any other review we publish.

See our review of the Serenelife SLPUMP30 for their faster 2 stage pump that can also deflate.

SL Pump sitting on inflated board


The Serenlife SLPUMP10 electric air pump runs $56.89 on Amazon. You can expect to pay between $50 and $70 for it if you shop around for the cheapest seller.

The general rule of Amazon cheap items applies. If the item looks exactly the same, it probably is exactly the same, so browse around and purchase from the cheapest seller.

Also sold as:


Serenelife mentions a 1 year warranty in the questions section for this item. A check of the comments and ratings reveals people have not had any luck getting warranty replacements. Assume when you buy this item that it does not have a warranty.

Size and weight

This Serenelife SUP pump has a compact portable design. It is 9.1″ x 5.5″ x 4.7″ in size. It weighs about 3 lbs. It is smaller than most 2 stage pumps. It will easily fit inside your inflatable paddleboad bag with the board.

Serenelife pumps together
Sernelife SLPUMP30 (left) and SLPUMP10 (right)

12 volt power

This pump uses a standard 12 volt plug that will work with most 12 volt outlets in a car, truck or SUV. It has a 10 foot cord. It does not come with alligator clips or any other kind of adapter.

Stand Up Paddle board and Pool Toys compatibility

The Serenelife electric pump has a detachable air hose with a set of connectors on one end. A variety of rubber gaskets are included so you can put the correct thickness on any of the air valves.

It will work with almost any paddleboard or other inflatable water toy out there. It has the following valve adapters. H3/HR, C7, Boston, Pinch, and 805. This will cover almost every inflatable paddleboard, kayak, and water sports toys out there.

Dolphin air valves

Max pressure

This pump has a max pressure of 16 psi. Target pressure can be set in 0.5 psi increments.

Inflate only

The Serenelife SLPUMP10 can only inflate boards. It does not have a deflate function.

1 Board at a time

The SLPUMP10 is only designed to inflate 1 paddle board at a time. The manual states that the pump needs to cool down for 30 minutes after being used for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is enough to inflate almost any All Around or Touring Paddleboard to 16 psi. It is not enough to inflate a second board. The pump will shut down if it overheats. Running it until it overheats over and over will reduce its lifespan.

Digital Display and Controls

The pump has easy to use controls and a small digital display. The display shows the target pressure before you start the pump. After it’s running it shows the current pressure down to 0.01 psi. The display is easy to read outdoors in bright sunlight.

It has 4 buttons for controls. A + and – button for adjusting target pressure. A power button for starting and stopping the pump. A PSI/Bar button to change the units.

This is an intelligent DC electric pump. It will auto-shutoff when the set pressure is reached. I would still watch it while running. It should not overinflate your paddleboard unless you set the target pressure too high. It has a 16psi upper limit. Most inflatable paddleboards can handle at least 15 psi without risk of damage.

SL Pump display

Using the pump

The pump is easy to operate. Plug it into the board. Plug the 12 volt cord into the 12 volt outlet in your car or truck. Select your desired pressure. Hit the power button to start it. The pump will automatically shut off when the target pressure is reached. Hit power then sit back and relax for a few minutes while you wait for a fully inflated paddle board.

This pump doesn’t have a high volume stage to quickly fill up the board before switching to air compressor mode. For the first 4-5 minutes it will seem like it is filling the board very slowly.

Serenelife SLPUMP10 animated gif

Inflation times

We timed how long it took this pump to inflate 2 boards. A 10’6″ All Around paddleboard and a 12’6″ touring board. We inflated the all around board to 14 psi and the touring board to 15psi. For pumps that are able to inflate to 20 psi we would also inflate the touring board to 20 psi. The Serenelife SLPUMP10 has a 16 psi upper limit.

It took the pump 11 minutes and 32 seconds to inflate the 10’6″ ALl Around board. This makes it the slowest pump we have tested. It was slower than the Outdoor Master Dolphin by almost 1.5 minutes. The Dolphin is another air compressor style pump with no high volume first stage.

It took the Serenelife SLPUMP10 13 minutes and 49 seconds to inflate the 12’6″ touring board. This was also about 1.5 minutes slower than the Outdoor Master Dolphin.

Pumps with a high volume 1st stage can inflate paddleboards a few minutes faster. They are worth the extra cost if you care about how long it takes to inflate or want to also be able to deflate your board.

See the table below for the inflation times of all the pumps we have tested.

Electric Pump

10’6 x 32.5″ x 6″ All Around Board

14 PSI

12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board

15 PSI

12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board

20 PSI

Outdoor Master Shark 2

8 min 40 sec

9 min 35 sec

13 min 1 sec

Outdoor Master Whale

9 min 22 sec

9 min 58 sec

Outdoor Master Cachalot

7 min 51 sec

9 min 23 sec

13 min 49 sec

Outdoor Master Dolphin

9 min 57 sec

12 min 15 sec

16 min 30 sec

iRocker Electric Pump

7 min 5 sec

8 min 32 sec

11 min 50 sec

NIXY Ventus

8 min 28 sec

11 min 15 sec

14 min 34 sec

Serenelife SLPUMP50

Seamax SUP16DB

7 min 37 sec

9 min 7 sec

Serenelife SLPUMP30 

Seamax SUP20D

8 min 12 sec

9 min 27 sec

14 min 20 sec

Serenelife SLPUMP10

Seamax SUP20S

11 min 32 sec

13 min 49 sec

Valwix Electric Pump

7 min 10 sec

8 min 48 sec

12 min 16 sec

How many boards can it pump in a row?

The pump is not designed to inflate multiple boards in a row. It does not have active cooling like the Outdoor Master Shark 2 or Nixy Ventus pumps. It will inflate a second board with a rest to cool down between boards. We waited about 20 minutes between inflating the 10’6″ All Around board and the 12’6″ touring board. It was about 85F outside in direct sunlight.


Every inflatable paddleboard electric pump is noisy when running in the high pressure stage. This pump only operates in air compressor mode so it is noisy all the time. This is the worst thing about every electric pump out there. I haven’t noticed any pump available to be louder or more quiet than any other once they start acting as an air compressor.

Tips for using the Whale Pump with your inflatable SUP

1 – check for air leaks

Even a small air leak around the air valve, adapter fitting or hose connection will make it impossible to get up to pressure. Feel for air leaks when you start the pump. You should see a steady increase in pressure once the board starts to look fully inflated. This is around 1psi.

2 – attach the inflation hose to the board first

The air hose is stiff enough that it can untwist the valve out of the board if your not careful. I find it easier to hook the valve up to the board. Set the pump down on the board so that the hose is twisting the valve into the board. This will make sure the valve stays in place while pumping.

3 – use the correct gasket on the valve

Use the correct rubber gasket on the valve. This pump came with the correct thickness rubber gasket on the H3 valve for most of the boards I have. I have a few boards that need certain rubber gaskets to work. My iRocker Nautical needs a thin gasket. My Nixy G4 Monterey needs a thick gasket. Check to make sure the rubber washer is the same thickness as the one on the hand pump that came with your board for a good starting point.

4 – Save time using your hand pump up to 1 psi

Hand pumping doesn’t get awful until you get past 1 PSI and have to go down to single action. The SLPUMP10 lacks the high volume pump stage that makes other pumps take about a minute to get to 1 psi and switch to high pressure mode.

If you want to speed up the process with the Serenelife SLPUMP10 you can assist with your hand pump. Hook your hand pump up to the board and pump it until you need to switch to single action. Hook up the pump and skip the tedious high pressure hand pumping.

SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor (SLPUMP10)

Serenelife SLPUMP10 product image

The Verdict

The Serenelife SLPUMP10 electric air pump is a great companion for your inflatable paddleboard. It is small and easily fits in an inflatable SUP bag. It doesn’t cost much so you won’t feel like you are spending more on a pump than your board. If you want to enjoy the ease and convenience of an electric air pump, give it a try.

See our guide to the best electric paddle board pumps to see other good options.

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