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Rivmount Winter Ski Gloves Review – Great Gloves for Under $20

rivmount winter ski gloves review

Are you looking for a solid set of inexpensive ski or snowboard gloves this winter? The Rivmount Winter Ski Gloves could be for you. They have 3M Thinsulate insulation and a TPU waterproof layer with a plush fabric liner. I recently got a chance to try out a couple of sets of Rivmount gloves. Keep reading for our full review of the Rivmount Winter Ski Gloves.

When people first get into skiing or snowboarding, they aren’t ready to bust out a thousand plus dollars to get a great set of cold weather clothing. Most beginners are looking for low cost, high value gear to get them started until they know if they like it or not. Rivmount gloves are one of the most popular, cheap, warm, and waterproof gloves available on Amazon. They are some of the cheapest 3M Thinsulate gloves available anywhere.

Features of the Rivmount Winter Ski Gloves

Rivmount Winter Ski Gloves

  • Heat Preservation – RIVMOUNT Ski Gloves use 3M Thinsulate. For the same thickness, 3M Thinsulate is 1.5 times as warm as eiderdown.
  • Waterproof & Windproof – Exterior surface of the gloves has a Waterproof Coating. The interior of the loves has a waterproof TPU layer, which keeps your hands dry and warm on winter days.
  • Protection – The palm of RIVMOUNT Ski Gloves are made of PU leather which is reliable and difficult to damage

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OM Ultra XL and Rivmont Gloves

We received 2 sets of gloves from Rivmount to try out. A pair of Black and a pair of Ash Grey gloves. When you are looking at Rivmount gloves on Amazon there are several different products in the same ad. There are standard insulated ski gloves along with shell gloves with a removable glove liner. The glove liners are also available separately.

black rivmount gloves

3M Thinsulate insulation

The gloves have a layer of 3M C40 Thinsulate insulation to make them warm. Thinsulate insulates well when wet and also wicks moisture. Down or Eiderdown has a higher insulating value per weight than Thinsulate. Down loses a lot of its insulating quality when it gets wet. We tend to sweat and get snow in our gloves when skiing or doing other outdoor activities. Down gloves lose their advantage quickly which is why most ski gloves use synthetic insulation. See this article from Sierra to learn more about insulation.

thinsulate insulation

The gloves have a comfortable lining made from a soft fleece feeling material. All the materials are breathable to keep you from filling your gloves with sweat.

inner glove detail


They have a PU waterproof layer with a windproof outer layer. They have a synthetic PU leather waterproof gripping surface. The outer thumb has a smooth rubbery surface you can use for wiping your goggles off.

palm side of gloves

Overall Design

Each glove has a little different design. The winter ski gloves have a variety of small zipper pockets or no pocket. On the Ash Grey gloves, it is big enough to fit a credit card or RFID card but not comfortably. You will feel the card bending across the back of your wrist.

The gloves have a larger gauntlet style cuff with a bungee you can tighten to get a better seal around your jacket sleeve. I prefer gloves of this style vs gloves that go inside your jacket sleeve. It keeps the snow out of your jacket sleeves better. They have a wrist strap as well so you can hang your gloves from your hands. The straps don’t have any cinch on them so the wrist straps can fall off your wrists if you are not careful.

There is an adjustable strap that you can tighten around your wrist for a more secure fit.

back side of gloves

The gloves feel nice and soft when you put them on. The fingers are easy to flex. It is easy to grip ski polls while wearing these gloves. The adjustable straps are low profile enough to not tangle with ski pole straps.

Touchscreen Compatibility

All the Rivmount Ski Gloves do not have touchscreen compatible fingers. The black pair of gloves I got work with touchscreens. The grey gloves do not. The black ones have a different patch of material on the index fingers that the grey gloves don’t. This is a bit confusing since the ad on Amazon has information for several different gloves loaded together. It doesn’t list out which features which versions have.


I wear a size large and they have a similar size feel to other gloves I typically wear.

How well do they work?

How well can gloves this cheap really work? I put them through a few tests to find out. First of all, I tested out the waterproofing. To do this, I put one glove from each set on my hands, then I held them under cold running water for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I didn’t feel any water coming through into the gloves. My hands were completely dry.

After getting the gloves soaking wet I took them outside to walk for an hour. The temperature ranged from 29F when I started to 27F when I went back inside. My hands stayed comfortable throughout the hour. I never felt any water seep through on either hand. I am pretty confident in the waterproof coating of the exterior surface after this.

The inner lining of the glove is not attached to the outer shell. This means that when you pull your hands out the finger portions may stick to your fingers and pull insideout. When you go to put the gloves back on you have to do some fussing to get the fingers back in. This isn’t a huge deal if you aren’t taking the gloves on and off a lot. If you are then it can be a bit annoying.

The gloves have excellent warmth for their price. I think they will work fine for ski days down to the mid to low 20’s. If you are the type who tends to have cold hands a lot you may want to purchase the liners to wear with them. That will give them better heat preservation on colder days. If you always have cold hands mittens are a good option too as mittens tend to be warmer than gloves.

Rivmount Winter Gloves Summary

Rimount Winter Ski Gloves

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What we liked

  • Low cost
  • Good waterproofing
  • Warm enough for ski days in the ’20s.
  • Big enough cuff to go over your ski jacket sleeves

What we didn’t like

  • Zipper pocket not big enough to comfortably fit a credit card or RFID card
  • Not all versions of the gloves have fingers that work with touchscreens.
  • Fingers in the lining are not attached to the outer shell so can pull inside out when removing your hands from the gloves.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a cheap ski glove, the Rivmount Winter Gloves are a good option. They are warm gloves with solid waterproof performance. They will work well for skiing, snowboarding, or other outdoor winter activities.

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