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Phoozy Phone Case Review and Test – Great Protection for Your Phone

Phoozy Phone Case Review

If you like to do things outdoors in the winter and summer, sooner or later you will need your phone and it will be too hot or cold to work. I’ve had several too cold moments skiing and too hot moments sailing and paddling. When this happens you have to find a way to shelter your phone so it can start working again. In an emergency, this can be a serious problem. Phoozy has created phone, tablet, and laptop cases that keep your electronics protected in extreme environments. Keep reading this Phoozy phone case review to learn more about the Phoozy XP3 and Phoozy Apollo II Anti-Microbial phone cases.

About Phoozy

The Phoozy was created by professional race car driver Kevin Conway. Hot got frustrated by his phone draining too fast and dying when he was out on hot days and cold days. He created the Phoozy phone case to solve this problem. Kevin recruited his friend Josh Inglis internet savant and also an outdoor enthusiast to help launch the Phoozy. They created the Phoozy thermal capsule bag to keep you connected in extreme environments.

Phoozy Phone Case Review – Phoozy XP3 and Phoozy Apollo II Anti-Microbial phone cases

Best iPhone Pro Case

PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra Rugged Thermal Phone Case

Phoozy XP3 Product Image

PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case with Antimicrobial Lining

Phoozy Apollo II Anti-microbial product image

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Phoozy cases are designed to protect your smartphone and electronic devices from extreme conditions. They aren’t designed so that you can use your phone while it is in the case. Where normal cases can protect your phone from drops or scratches, very few protect it from hot and cold temperatures. The standard rubber phone case doesn’t float either.

Phoozy phone cases were designed by a real rocket scientist with materials developed using NASA spacesuit technology. These phone cases are made to protect your phone from the environment. They insulate from hot and cold. They protect from drops. They float. The Phoozy also made an appearance on Shark Tank, where Josh Inglis and Kevin Conway made a deal with Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

We were provided 3 cases to try out. An Apollo II Anti-Microbial, XP3 size medium, and XP3 size large. Phoozy provided the cases for this review. As with all reviews, we will tell you the good and bad of the product.

Phoozy case line up
Left to Right – Apollo II Anit-Microbial, Medium XP3, Large XP3


Phoozy cases retail between $29.99 for the cheapest Apollo case to $49.99 for the XP3 case. You can get them directly from Phoozy or from a variety of other places including REI and Amazon.

Hot and cold protection

Most mobile phones are designed to operate from 32F to 95F. It’s not hard to exceed those temperatures a lot of places. Here in Michigan, it can easily go below 32F for a month straight in January. There are weeks above 95F in July and August as well.

Phoozy phone cases protect from direct sun exposure by using a Chromium thermal barrier that reflects up to 90% of solar energy. They are insulated using premium technical materials to protect the phone from extreme temperatures. They claim that your battery life will last up to 3X longer inside a Phoozy in cold conditions than it will without it.

Shock Protection

All Phoozy cases will protect your phone from drops. The Phoozy Apollo II has an impact drop rating of 10 feet. The Phoozy XP3 has an impact drop rating of 12 feet.

Phoozy XP3 phone cases are Military Grade Certified for shock. The XP3 uses the Phoozy Impactor Core 2.0 to protect your phone. The XP3 case exceeds Military standard 810G 516.6 which is a 9 foot drop test.


Many new phones have IP68 water resistance and can be submerged without damage. I have accidentally tested my iPhone 11 by forgetting it was in my pocket while water skiing. What most phones do not do is float. Phoozy cases will float and keep your phone from going to the bottom.

Phoozy XP3 vs Apollo II anti-microbial vs Apollo II vs Apollo

There are 4 main products in the Phoozy line that offer different levels of protection. The Apollo, Apollo II, Apollo II anti-microbial, and XP3. All of them are available in Medium and Large sizes for fitting regular phones or large screen phones.

As you go up in the series, the cases get larger and bulkier and offer more hot, cold, and drop protection. An Apollo case is good for 8′ drops. An XP3 is good for 12′ drops.

There are a few other unique features.

  • The Apollo II anti-microbial has an AGION anti-microbial lining. This is good if you will get your case wet in lake water or other dirty water on a regular basis.
  • The Apollo II also has a SplitRing/KeyChain Connector to attach keys or to hook it to things. The Apollo and Apollo II do not have any way to attach them to anything.
  • The XP3 has a multi-point attachment system similar to MOLLE loops. Phoozy sells velcro attachmentss traps that go with it. You can also use a carabiner to attach it to things.
  • The XP3 also has an internal stash pocket you can use to hold a credit card or ID. This means you can leave your bulky wallet at home. No other version has this feature.

Testing – How well do they protect your phone

How well do these cases work at protecting your phone? We decided to take an old iPhone 6s we had and try some of the features out.

Heat test

To test the heat insulation I turn our kitchen oven to the lowest setting I could which was 170F. I let it preheat so we were at that temperature to start the test. I took an iPhone 6s and put it in the oven and checked it every minute. It took 3 minutes for it to show the overheat warning message.

heat test without phoozy

I put the iPhone 6s into the Phoozy XP3 pouch. I put it in the oven for 5 minutes and took it out. It was still running with no warning message. It felt warm to the touch. It should provide a decent heat barrier for long durations on a 100-105F day.

Phoozy Heat test
after heat test

Cold test

To test resistance to extreme cold I went to our freezer. It is set at 2F or 30 degrees below freezing. I set the iPhone6s in the freezer on top of a couple of ice packs. It lasted 9 minutes before shutting down. It had enough power to restart when it warmed up but only had 10% battery left.

freezer temp
cold test

I put the iPhone 6s into the Phoozy XP3. I checked it every 5 minutes. It was still powered up with full battery after 30 minutes. That is at least 3 times longer in the freezer than it lasted without the Phoozy.

freezer test in Phoozy
after freezer test in Phoozy

Float test

I filled a pot with water to see if the Phoozy will float with a phone in it. Yes it does. The openings are only sealed with velcro. It doesn’t keep water off of your phone.

sinking phone
Phoozy floating

Drop Test

I went outside and put my iPhone6s into the Phoozy XP3 case and dropped it on concrete from about 6 ft high. I dropped it 10 times in a row. After hitting the concrete 10 times from 6ft high the phone was good with no damage. No cracks, scuffs, scratches, or any other signs of damage. It powered up and worked normally.

Phoozy Drop concrete
after drop test phone works

Using the cases

We were provided with a medium Apollo II anti-microbial and a medium and large XP3. Let’s go through some of our likes and dislikes for each.

You can’t use a phone inside the Phoozy case

One drawback for all of these cases is that you can’t use the phone while it’s inside the case. They don’t have a transparent side.

Large size is better than Medium

I prefer the XP3 large for any size phone. The large is only about a 1/4 inch larger length and width than the medium. It’s got a few advantages. A regular size phone like an iPhone 11 is still a tight fit in the medium. The credit card/ID pocket in the large is only about half the pouch in depth. It’s easy to retrieve a credit card from the pouch. On the medium, it’s the full depth of the pouch.

pocket depth
Depth of credit card/ID pocket – Left Medium, Right Large

An attachment ring would be nice on all versions.

Only the Phoozy Apollo II anti-microbial comes with a ring for attaching things. The ring is really handy to use with a carabiner for hanging it from a backpack or paddleboard bungee.

Apollo II anti-microbial split ring
Apollo II Anti-Microbial Split Ring at top
XP3 webbing loops
XP3 MOLLE style webbing loops

Where can I use a Phoozy?

The Phoozy is good to use almost anywhere outdoors. Hot, cold, or wet, it will keep your phone working. Afraid of breaking your phone somewhere? Get a Phoozy.

Phoozy in winter coat
Phoozy in life jacket
Phoozy in life jacket

PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra Rugged Thermal Phone Case

Phoozy XP3 Product Image

PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case with Antimicrobial Lining

Phoozy Apollo II Anti-microbial product image

New customers receive 10% off at Phoozy.com! Use code PHOOZY10.

What we liked
  • Phoozy cases protect against extreme hot, cold, shock, and they float
  • Several styles to choose from with different attachments and features
  • XP3 case has a pocket for storing credit cards and IDs
  • Easy to take phone in and out of Phoozy case
What we didn’t like
  • You can’t use the phone while it’s inside a Phoozy case
  • Phoozy cases aren’t waterproof

Phoozy Discount Codes

New customers receive 10% off at Phoozy.com! Use code PHOOZY10.

Receive $10 off your purchase of $100+ at Phoozy.com! Use code PHOOZY1

Wrap Up

Phoozy phone cases are a handy device that will help protect your phone from hot, cold, dropping, and sinking. They are a great phone case for outdoor activities like skiing, paddling, boating, and biking. Check out the Phoozy XP3 and Apollo II to keep your phone protected on your epic outdoor adventures.

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