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The OutdoorMaster Vision XL Snow Goggle Review – A Great Under $75 Ski Goggle

OutdoorMaster Vision XL snow goggle review

The OutdoorMaster Vision XL Snow Goggles is a new offering this winter from OutdoorMaster. The Vision XL has a toric lens shape and polarized lenses. It comes in a bundle with an extra lens and hard lens case for a very attractive low price under $75. How do they perform? Keep reading for our review of the OutdoorMaster Vision XL Ski Goggles to find out.

About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is a California based outdoor gear company started by a bunch of enthusiasts. They recognized that to get functional gear that worked you had to pay premium brand prices. Discount bargain gear frequently fell apart and was a waste of money. They went on a mission to create great working gear at affordable prices. They started with ski goggles which have proven to be one of the best performing value skiing goggles on the market.

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OutdoorMaster Vision XL Snow Goggle Features

OutdoorMaster Vision XL Ski and Snowboard Goggles
OM Vision Goggle Product Image
  • TORIC LENS WITH GREAT FIELD OF VISION – Just like the name VISION indicates, the model is designed for the ultimate field of vision. With the Toric lens, it combines the low distortion and clearer view of the cylindrical lens and the wide peripheral vision of the spherical lens
  • ANTI-FOG COATING & VENTILATION – Our in-house developed anti-fog coating absorbs the water molecule instantly. Combined with our triple layer foam that maximizes air ventilation within your goggles
  • ENHANCED POLARIZED LENS – VISION lens accompanied with exclusive Polarized Technology offers a clearer view, which massively reduces glare, reinforces contrast and natural color, and brings out the finest details

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I have been a fan of OutdoorMaster goggles since their Ski Goggles Pro came out. They have a really slick magnetic lens change system with spherical lenses. For under $50 you got a pretty good set of goggles and a hard lens case.

This winter OutdoorMaster released the Ultra XL and Vision XL goggles. Both goggles have a toric lens shape and are a larger fit than the Pro model. The Vision XL has polarized lenses and similar construction to the Pro model. The Ultra XL has new and improved lens technology for better clarity, improved anti-fog coating and better foam on the frame. Both goggles come in a bundle that includes 2 lenses and a hard lens case. The Vision XL retails for $74.99 and the Ultra XL retails for $99.99.

I picked up a set of the Vision XL goggles with black strap, 13% VLT Revo Blue lens tint, and 75% VLT Yellow lens tint. The 13% and 75% lenses can cover the range of the different weather conditions I ski in. The 13% lens for sunny and cloudy days and the 75% lens yellow lens for overcast flat light and night skiing. The 13% Revo Blue has a nice mirrored lens finish to it.

The available VLT range is from a silver 9% VLT lens to a 99% VLT clear lens which will cover everything from bright days to low light conditions. There is no photochromic lens available.


OutdoorMaster introduced the Vision XL to be a larger fit goggle than the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggle Pro with a new Toric lens shape. For $75 you get the goggles, an extra lens, a hard case for the extra lens, and 2 microfiber storage bags. You can get it for even less if you use our 25% off code SNOW25

OM Vision XL goggle and accessories


The Vision XL ski and snowboard goggles have a toric lens shape. This is a cross between a spherical lens and a cylindrical lens. It gives you less distortion in the middle of the goggle giving you excellent optical clarity. It gives you better peripheral vision. It gives the goggles less of a bulging lens look than spherical lenses.

toric lens field of view

The lenses are polarized which gives better performance. Polarized lenses filter out some of the glare and light reflections giving you a more clear view. They are better for your eyes since they filter out reflective light. See this article from VSP vision care to learn more about polarized lenses.

Enhanced polarized lens

These goggles offer 100% UV 400 sun protection to keep your eyes safe from UV rays.

The lenses use similar construction and anti-fog coating as the Pro model lenses. They are dual pane lenses like most goggles today. They will have similar anti-fog performance as you have come to expect from the Pro model. I’ve never had any fogging issues with them.

OM Vision lenses


The Vision XL frame is very similar construction as the OutdoorMaster Pro frame. It uses TPU plastic to be flexible. It has the same triple layer foam as the Pro model. They are bigger and taller with a large fit instead of the medium fit of the Pros. The foam feels comfortable for a full day of skiing. The frame has a bit more curvature than the Pro frame which fits my face a bit better with less pressure on my nose.

OM Vision frame front
OM Vision frame back

Magnetic interchangeable lenses

The Vision XL uses the same magnetic interchangeable lens system found on the OM Pro goggles. It uses 8 magnets to hold the lens on. Lens replacement takes just seconds. To swap lenses just bend the frame a little while pulling on the edge of the lens. That will pop the lens off. To put the new lens on, hold it an inch or so away from the frames and let it go. It will pull into the frame in perfect alignment.

The system feels slightly stronger on these goggles than the Pro goggles. It feels higher than the removal effort on a set of Anon M4 goggles. We have been using the OutdoorMaster Pro goggles for years now and never had a problem with lenses popping out when falling.

The below gif video gives a demonstration of how to swap lenses on the OutdoorMaster Vision XL goggles.

OTG prescription glasses compatible

These goggles are designed as OTG goggles to work with prescription glasses. They have a cutout in the foam on the sides so they can fit glasses better. They fit over my glasses easily. I’ve worn glasses since childhood and hate skiing in them. I feel the frustrations of anyone who does it full time. They fit glasses that are 5.3 inches x 1.65 inches.

Goggle strap

The goggle strap is adjustable with silicone beads for good traction against your helmet. The strap has plenty of adjustment range to work with or without a helmet. I found it had plenty of length to work with a size Large helmet.

Hard lens case

They come with a hard case you can put spare lenses in. The case is padded with a zipper closure. It is the same case as the OutdoorMaster Pro goggles. These lenses are a bit different shape. You can fit 2 Pro lenses into the case. 1 inside the pocket and one outside.

You can’t fit a Vision XL lens into the pocket inside the case. The case has a different curvature than these lenses. The case will take up a bit more space in your pocket than it did with Pro lenses in it. A case that fit the lenses better would have been nice. I’d still take any case over the 2 pocket microfiber bag that Smith Optics gives you.

How well do they work?

These goggles just feel better to wear than the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro. The frame is larger and it has a larger nose opening. It doesn’t feel like it’s pinching my nose at all wearing them. Comfort is a plus on these goggles.

The lenses on these goggles have the same construction as the OutdoorMaster Pro. The distortion and field of view are better because of the toric lens shape. The clarity and terrain differentiation are slightly better. They have the same anti fog coating and UV protection.

The lenses are good but a touch below what you would get from Smith Optics ChromaPop or Oakley Flight Deck with Prizm lenses. They don’t have the blue color filtering in the lens that helps enhance the view that Oakley and Smith have. Everything is clear but it doesn’t pop the way they do with those.

If you want high end lenses at a still low price you should look at the OutdoorMaster Ultra XL goggles.

Vision XL at PM side view

Helmet Compatibility

I tried these goggles on with a variety of helmets. They seemed to fit the shape of all the helmets I tried well. I started with the OutdoorMaster Kelvin helmet. The curvatures match well with little to no gap. The OutdoorMaster helmet and goggle combo won’t leave you looking like a gaper. The Vision Goggles are also a great match with the new OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS helmet.

Vision front view
OM Vision XL with OM Kelvin helmet
Vision ISO view
OM Vision XL with OM Kelvin helmet
diamond vision front
OM Vision XL with OM Diamond MIPS helmet
diamond vision side
OM Vision XL with OM Diamond MIPS helmet

I also checked these goggles with an Anon Echo MIPS helmet, Smith Variance helmet, and a Giro helmet. All the helmets are size large. I would say that the goggles fit well with all the helmets with minimal gap.

Vision with Anon helmet front
OM Vision XL with Anon Echo helmet
Vision with Anon helmet side
OM Vision XL with Anon Echo helmet
Vision with Smith helmet front
OM Vision with Smith helmet
Vision with Smith helmet side
OM Vision with Smith helmet
Vision with Giro helmet front view
OM Vision with Giro helmet
Vision with Giro helmet side view
OM Vision with Giro helmet

OutdoorMaster Vision XL Snow Goggle Summary

OutdoorMaster Vision XL Snow Goggles
OM Vision Goggle Product Image

Use the Coupon Code SNOW25 for 25% off at Vision Goggles at OutdoorMaster.com

What we liked
  • Wide field of view and low distortion from toric lens
  • Easy and fast interchangeable lens system
  • Comfortable fit and feel
What we didn’t like
  • Lenses not quite as sharp as Oakley Prizm or Smith ChromaPop
  • No photochromic lens is available

The Verdict

The OutdoorMaster Vision XL skiing and snowboarding goggles are a nice step up from the OutdoorMaster Pro. They have the latest toric lens shape giving great peripheral vision and a clearer view. They are very comfortable to wear. They are an OTG goggle for those who ski with glasses. They keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays. I would definitely recommend these to someone looking for great goggles at a low price. They are a really solid offering for under $75 considering they also include a second lens and a hard lens case.

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