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The OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Snow Goggle Review – The Best $100 Ski Goggle Ever

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL snow goggle review

The OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Snow Goggle is the latest ski and snowboard goggle from OutdoorMaster. They could be one of the best new ski goggles this winter from any goggle maker. The Ultra XL promises great lens technology, great anti-fog performance, and other improvements. They are priced under $100 to still be the great value you have come to expect from OutdoorMaster. We got our hands on a pair. Keep reading our OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Snow Goggle review to learn more.

About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is a California based outdoor gear company started by a bunch of enthusiasts. They recognized that to get functional gear that worked you had to pay premium brand prices. Discount bargain gear frequently fell apart and was a waste of money. They went on a mission to create great working gear at affordable prices. They started with ski goggles which have proven to be one of the best performing value skiing goggles on the market.

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Snow Goggle Features

Best Under $100 Ski Goggle

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Ski and Snowboard Goggles
OM Ultra XL Product Image
  • Toric Lens-Ultimate Field of Vision – With the latest lens shape design on the market – Toric lens, it combines the low distortion and clearer view of the cylindrical lens and the wide peripheral vision of the spherical lens
  • Color-Optimization Technology – provides high definition optics by filtering part of the blue light and thus boosts the contrast and greatly improves color brightness. It has been proven to highlight irregularities with superior visibility
  • Super HD Technology – Luminous Refractive Pressed lens offers the premium clarity with great contrast enhancement. It largely reduces the refraction which allows the focus to fall precisely on the retina

OM Black Friday Banner 2021

I have been a fan of OutdoorMaster goggles since their Ski Goggles Pro came out. It had a really slick magnetic lens change system and spherical lenses. It came with a hardcase for storing extra lenses. It had good performance on the mountain. You got all that for under $50. It didn’t quite have the lens clarity of Oakley PRIZM or Smith ChromaPop but it was good enough for most skiers.

I picked up the Ultra XL with Black Sonic Strap frames, Silver 10% VLT Lens and Light Blue 85% VLT Lens. The Silver lens is good for most day skiing and the 85% blue lens is good for dark flat days and night skiing. There are currently 10 lenses available for the Ultra XL goggles with a VLT range from 10% to 90%. There are no photochromic lenses for people looking for one. The 29% Silver lens tint might be the best flat light lens option.

Ultra XL lenses
OM ultra lens guide


OutdoorMaster introduced the Ultra to have a ski goggle that can compete with the best ski goggles from Smith, Oakley, and Anon while keeping the price under $100. For $100 you get the goggles, an extra lens, a hard case for the extra lens, and 2 microfiber storage bags. You can get it even less if you use our 15% off code ERO15.

ultra goggle with hard case


The biggest new thing with the Ultra XL goggles is the lenses. To start with they are polycarbonate with a toric lens shape. They are a hybrid of a cylindrical lens and spherical lens shape. You get less distortion and greater peripheral vision from a Toric shape. The lenses and frames are noticeably taller than the OM Pro Goggle lenses giving you unparalleled peripheral vision.

Ultra wide angle field of view
ultra XL vs Pro lens shape
O.M. Ultra XL Toric (Left) and O.M. Pro Spherical (Right)
ultra xl vs pro front view
O.M. Ultra XL (Left) and O.M. Pro (Right)

These lenses have Color Optimization Technology. Part of the blue light band is filtered out allowing you to see with greater clarity. By filtering some of the blue band you can better differentiate snow terrain features. You can see better in flat light condition with these goggles than without.

ultra lens color technology

They make use of Super HD Technology by using a Luminous Refractive Pressed lens. This lens focuses what you are seeing at the back of your retina. This allows you to see everything more clearly with great focus.

Ultra lens clarity

These lenses have similar technology to what is used in Oakley PRIZM and Smith Chromapop lenses. They all use blue light filtering and better quality lenses. This gives better clarity and terrain differentiation than the naked eye.

On top of that, the lenses also have a new and improved anti fog coating. The new coating promises 3 times better anti fog performance compared to the Pro goggles. I never had problems with the Pro model goggles fogging. These will be even better.

ultra anti fog coating

Like all over OutdoorMaster goggles, they offer 100% UV400 protection against UV Rays. You can feel confident you are skiing or snowboarding with good UV protection while wearing them.


The Ultra XL frame is new and improved over the OutdoorMaster Pro Goggle frame. They would be a large fit goggle where the Pro was more of a medium fit. The frame is a bit taller and it’s also more round shaped. When I press the frames against my face they fit with less bending.

ultra xl vs pro frame front
O.M. Pro (Left) and O.M. Ultra XL (Right)
Ultra XL pro frame back
O.M. Pro (Left) and O.M. Ultra XL (Right)

The frames have a triple layer foam on the inside. The inner most layer is softer and smoother feeling than what is on other OM goggles. It feels very close to the material used on Smith I/O goggles. The foam in the nose area is compressed to give you a better shape around your nose. Smith does the same thing with the foam in the nose of the I/O Goggles as well. It makes for a very comfortable feeling goggle that doesn’t pinch your nose at all.

nose foam depression

The frame is OTG compatible and will fit over prescription glasses up to 5.3inches x 1.65 inches. I tried them out while wearing glasses and they easily slide over my glasses. They were comfortable to wear over top of them.

Swappable lenses

The Ultra XL uses the same magnetic interchangeable lens system found on the OM Pro goggles. It uses 8 magnets to hold the lens on. It is super slick. To swap lenses just bend the frame a little while pulling on the edge of the lens. That will pop the lens off. To put the new lens on, hold it an inch or so away from the frames and let it go. It will pull into the frame in perfect alignment.

The system feels slightly stronger on these goggles than the Pro goggles. I have a set of Anon M4 Toric goggles which also use a magnetic lens swapping system. The effort to take off the removable lenses is higher on the OutdoorMaster goggles. I would not worry at all about lenses falling out of the frame during falls or any other time. You can easily change lenses while the goggles are on your face.

The below gif video gives a demonstration of how to swap lenses on the OutdoorMaster Ultra XL goggles.

ultra xl lens swap

Goggle Performance

When I put on a set of OutdoorMaster Pro goggles right after a set of Smith I/O Goggles I could tell the lens was not as good. It felt like the OM Pro lens had a slight haze to it. Everything seemed crystal clear with the Smith Optics ChromaPop lens.

When I do the same thing with the Ultra XL lens they have the same crystal clear look. Everything has a slight pop to it that you didn’t see with the old Pro model goggles.

I also compared the Ultra XL to a set of Anon M4 Toric goggles with their Perceive lens. I would give the Ultra XL a slight edge over the Perceive lens. The Anon Perceive lens had more noise and reflective glare in it. The photos below show the Ultra XL lens shape and size compared to the Anon M4 Toric lens goggles. The toric profile is similar. The overall sizes of the 2 goggles look pretty similar.

ultra XL vs Anon M4 Toric lens shape
Ultra XL (Left) and Anon M4 Toric (Right)
Ultra XL vs Anon M4 Toric front view
Ultra XL (Left) and Anon M4 Toric (Right)
Ultra XL vs Anon M4 Toric back
Ultra XL (Left) and Anon M4 Toric (Right)

I do not have a set of Oakley ski goggles to compare them to a Prizm lens. As soon as I can get my hands on a set of Oakley Flight Deck goggles I will do a comparison.

I would say that OutdoorMaster did their homework with the lens design on the Ultra XL. The one missing item is that the lenses are not polarized. If you want a polarized lens goggle, look at the new OutdoorMaster Vision XL goggles.

The only thing missing from the Ultra XL goggles that I really like on the Anon M4 Toric goggles is the MFI magnetic facemask. I really like that feature especially with Covid facemask rules still in effect this winter. The Ultra XL costs $100 and the Anon M4 cost $300. It’s a very expensive $200 facemask for the price increase.

Helmet compatibility

The Ultra XL work very well with the OutdoorMaster Kelvin helmet. They have no gap and fit well. They also work really well with my Anon Echo MIPS helmet. I also tried them with a Smith helmet and Giro helmet. See the images below to see how they fit with the various ski and snowboard helmets.

ultra front view
OutdoorMaster Kelvin Helmet
Ultra ISO view
OutdoorMaster Kelvin Helmet
Ultra with Anon helmet front view
Anon Echo Helmet
Ultra with Anon helmet iso view
Anon Echo Helmet
Ultra with smith helmet front view
Smith Variance Helmet
Ultra with smith helmet ISO view
Smith Variance Helmet
Ultra with Giro Helmet Front view
Giro Helmet
Ultra with Giro Helmet ISO view
Giro Helmet

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Ski Goggle Summary

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Snow Goggles
OM Ultra XL Product Image
OM Black Friday Banner 2021
What we liked
  • High definition Ultra toric lens
  • Magnetic quick change lens system
  • Includes a second lens
What we didn’t like
  • There isn’t much to dislike about these goggles
  • No photochromic lens is available

Wrap Up

The OutdoorMaster Ultra XL are really great goggles for an even greater price. They improve upon the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro in almost every area. They are a true competitor against the high end goggles from Smith, Oakley and Anon at 1/3rd to 1/2 the price. They also work well as OTG ski goggles. They protect against harmful uv rays. Anyone looking for new ski, snowboard, or any other snow sport goggles should check them out.

See our guide to OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles to learn about the rest of the OutdoorMaster goggle lineup.

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