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OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves – Great Warm Waterproof Gloves For Under $50

outdoormaster ski gloves review

Are you looking for a warm set of inexpensive ski or snowboard gloves this winter? The OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves could be for you. They have 3M Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof shell with a plush fabric liner. I recently got a chance to try out a set. Keep reading for our full review of the OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves.

About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is a California based outdoor gear company started by a bunch of outdoor adventure enthusiasts. They recognized that to get good functionality you had to pay for premium brands and their high prices. Discount bargain gear didn’t stand up to the abuse of outdoor activities. They went on a mission to create great working products at affordable prices. They started with ski goggles which have proven to be one of the best performing goggles on the market. They also make several clothing items like ski socks and ski gloves.

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Features of the OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves

OutdoorMaster Adult Ski Gloves
outdoormaster ski gloves product image
  • 3M THINSULATE INSULATION – The high-performance 3M thinsulate is soft, warm, breathable and also moisture-resistant. The inner surface offers asoft and comforting touch.
  • WATERPROOF – The outer layer of polyester is water-repellent to prevent rain and snow from penetrating the fabric, and it also dries quickly.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The three-dimensional curve is researched and designed according to ergonomics to fit the fingers in their most relaxed and natural state.
  • TOUCH SCREEN DESIGN – High sensitivity touch screen design allows you to use your phone with the gloves on.
  • PERFECT FOR WINTER ACTIVITIES – The gloves are not only suitable for skiing, but also for other outdoor activities like fishing, biking, snowboarding and other outdoor tasks.

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When people first get into skiing they aren’t ready to bust out a thousand dollars or more for an outfit.. Most beginner skiers and snowboarders are looking for low cost gear that works. OutdoorMaster makes great low cost but high performiing gear. These ski gloves aren’t the very cheapest available but they are well made and will keep your hands warm and dry.

Overall design

These gloves have longer cuffs meant to go over your jacket sleeves, not inside of them. They have a webbing wrist strap that can be tightened for a more secure fit. They have a small bungee around the cuffs that can be tightened to help keep the snow out. There are hooks on the wrist to hook the 2 gloves together.

The fingers are ergonomically curved to better match the shape of your hands while skiing or snowboarding. They are comfortable to wear while holding ski poles. The fingers have a good flexible feel.

They come in 4 color options. They come in 2 sizes, medium and large.

Mine are the Dark Blue Splash, in size large, which has a bit more character than the traditional black.

OM gloves top view


These gloves retail for $39.99 on OutdoorMaster’s website. They are sometimes available on Amazon but not always. The Amazon gloves may be different such as gloves with a removable liner. You can save somet money using our discount code ERO15 to get 15% off from there. They also have some pretty amazing discounts around the holidays.


The OutdoorMaster gloves have 3M Thinsulate insulation. Thinsulate insulates well when wet and also wicks moisture. Down has a higher insulating value per weight than Thinsulate. Down loses a lot of its insulating value when it gets wet. We get snow and sweat in our gloves when skiing or snowboarding so they don’t stay dry. Down gloves lose their advantage quickly which is why most ski gloves use synthetic insulation. See this article from Sierra to learn more about insulation.

They have a polyester inner lining that is soft and comfortable feeling. It will stick to your hands a bit when wet. I haven’t noticed any tendency for the finger lining to pull out of the shell. The finger ends seem to be attached up into the gloves.

OM gloves wrist view


The glove have a waterproof outer layer. I put the gloves on and held them under my sink for about 10 minutes with the cold water turned on full. I never felt any water or moisture come into the glove. I ran water directly on as many seams and stiches as I could. My hands stayed dry and warm the whole time.

Gripping surface

The gloves have a TPU water proof gripping surface on the palms. The inner surface of the fingers just have the same shell material as the rest of the gloves. It should be fine for holding onto ski poles since you don’t really need super grippy fingers. The thumb has a rubbery grip surface that is touchscreen compatible.

OM gloves palm view

Touchscreen compatibility

These gloves are touchscreen compatible. There are several areas that are covered in a rubbery material. These include the thumb inner surface and tip and index finger tip. There is also touchscreen compatible patches on the outside of all 4 finger tips. I am usually and index finger person for driving my phone. They have you covered if your a pinky phone driver.

OM Gloves touch screen animation


These gloves work fine in outdoor temperatures down to the 20’s or colder. I have not tried them yet on a day colder than 20F. I think they will work fine in days down to the teens. They don’t feel heavy enough that I would try them below 10F. On a 10F day I would probably stuff hand warmers into each glove before heading out.

OutdoorMaster claims they are good down to -4F or -20C. They will probably work but I would want some hand warmers. I normally ski with Swany X-Cell gloves and the coldest day I have skied was -16F. They worked but I had to do a lot of finger flexing to keep blood moving to keep my hands from going numb. Those gloves feel several steps heavier than these gloves. They also cost $150 vs $40.


The construction looks pretty good. The stitching looks clean all around my gloves. The finger tip linings feel attached inside the gloves. Nothing stands out as an obvious place these gloves will fall apart.

What is missing

There are a few features absent from these gloves that some people like to have. The biggest is that they don’t have a soft surface on the back of the thumb for wiping your goggles with. The material isn’t abbrasive but it’s not a soft material meant for wiping lens material.

They don’t have wrist straps for people who like to hang their gloves from their wrists. I never use this feature and cut them off from any glove I buy that has them. Some people like hanging their gloves off their wrists in lift lines and riding lifts.

OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves Summary

OutdoorMaster Adult Ski Gloves
outdoormaster ski gloves product image

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for up to 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

What we liked
  • Warm thinsulate insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Low cost
What we didn’t like
  • No soft panel on thumbs for wiping goggle lenses
  • No wrist hanging straps

The Verdict

Overall I’m satisfied with the Outdoor Master ski gloves. They are warm enough for most ski days until you get down to really polar conditions. The waterproofing is effective. They have enough touchscreen compatible areas to make most people happy. I would recommend these for any beginner skier and snowboarder. They will keep your hands warm and dry without spending a fortune.

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