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OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard Review – Great Performance Under $500

outdoormaster booster electric skateboard review

We recently got the chance to try out the new OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard. I’ve never ridden a skateboard in my life before so of course, I had to say yes. This thing is a lot of fun to ride even for a beginner. We gave the board to an experienced skateboarder to give it a run as well. Keep reading for my full review of the OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard.

About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is a California based outdoor gear company started by a bunch of enthusiasts. They recognized that to get functional gear that worked you had to pay premium brand prices. Discount bargain gear frequently fell apart and was a waste of money. They went on a mission to create great working gear at affordable prices. They started with ski goggles which have proven to be one of the best performing skiing goggles on the market. Along the way they started producing electric skateboards with great performance.

OM Skateboard Banner 2022

Features of the OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard

Top Pick Best Under $500 Electric Skateboard

OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard
outdoormaster booster product image

Key Features and Specifications

  • Range – Featuring a 27mile/45km range thanks to its 12,500mah battery, it is by far the longest range for electric longboards on the market.
  • Powerful motor – We abandoned the belt motor which was loud and wears easily and chose the 2 x 450W hub motor with maximum speed of 24mph (40km/h) and maximum climbing angle of 30% Grade
  • Durable Board – 8 layers of maple of Canadian maple board offers extra stability for your board. Reach for the ultimate thrill with no fear that your board will break.
  • Latest Processor – Booster is equipped with the latest control system – LY-FOC 7.0. This will help you to control your board speed more precisely.
  • Easy to Ride – Even first time riders can handle the booster when set on lower speed and breaking modes
  • 4 Speed and Breaking Levels – 4 speed and 4 breaking levels allow you to customize performance

Get the Booster for $399.99 at OutdoorMaster.com

riding outdoormaster booster


Here are some specs for the most important features of the board.

  • Range – 27 miles
  • Maximum Speed – 24mph
  • Max hill angle – 30 degree
  • Max rider weight – 330 lbs
  • Skateboard Weight – 21.1 lbs (measured weight of the board I have)
  • Charging time – 4 hours
  • Battery size – 12500mAh Durable Lithium Battery
  • Motor – 2 450 watt brushless hub motors for 900 total watts of power
  • Skateboard Dimensions – 1065mm x 335mm x 188mm

There are other electric skateboards out there with more powerful motors. There are other skateboards out there that can hit similar top speeds. No one can equal that range of this design right now. The JKing Jupiter 2 claims 22miles. The SKATEBOLT Tornado II claims 24 miles.

Let’s look at the most popular $1000 skateboards, the Boosted Stealth and Exway X1 Max. The Boosted board only has a range of 14 miles and the Exway only has a range of 18 miles. Both are much more expensive boards than the OutdoorMaster Booster. Both have top speeds of 24mph so they don’t win in that category either.

Will the OutdoorMaster Boosted actually go that far? Keep reading to find out.

om booster electric skateboard


The Booster currently runs $399 from Outdoor Master. It is an incredible deal when you look at the top speed and range of other $500 electric skateboards.

Bluetooth Remote control

This board comes with a bluetooth remote to control the board. It has a slider for speed and braking control. An LED display. a power button and gear button. The LED display has almost everything you could want. It shows the following:

  • Battery life for the skateboard and remote
  • Speed
  • Speed mode selection
  • Braking gear selection
  • Trip mileage
  • Total mileage
  • Forward or reverse direction

My remove paired to the board easily the first time I powered up the board. Following the directions and holding both buttons will get you into the parameter menu where you can select mph/kph and also a wheel speed parameter.

Don’t touch the wheel speed parameter. It should be set at 64 for a Booster. If you change it, the speed and mileage shown on the remote won’t be correct. There is nothing in the instructions about this parameter menu and how this value should be set. A couple of notes to OutdoorMaster Customer Support got me the correct value for this.

bluetooth remote


My first impressions of this board are that it is a substantial sturdy feeling skateboard. It has some heft to it when you pick it up. My 245 lb self can flex the board a little but it doesn’t feel soft or in any danger of permanently bending. The deck is made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple.

The deck has a carry handle cut into it to make carrying it easier. It’s biased a little bit to the front so that the board is balanced when carrying it. Rounding the edge of the holes would go along way towards hand comfort when carrying the board. The edges of the carrying hole have a square edge that makes your fingers sore after a few minutes of carrying the 20 lb board.

Trucks and suspension

The trucks look and feel substantial. The rear truck has 2 outrunner brushless hub motors built into the wheels. The battery and electronics are mounted underneath the deck.

The trucks have suspension that can be adjusted for more or less flexibility with the included wrench.

The wheels are 90mm PU. The rear wheels have a powerful motor built into each wheel. This board is not meant for offroad use. This board as delivered is for paved use only.

The bearings feel pretty smooth. After several hours of use, they still feel really smooth with no noise or vibration.

Overall everything on this board looks and feels well made. I don’t see anything that looks like it might be a durability problem as the board ages.

front truck and battery
rear truck and motors

Batteries & Range

This board has 12,500 mah capacity lithium ion cells. Most other electric boards under $1000 have 4000mah or 6000mah cells and may claim a range of 20 miles but get at least 20-30% less than published. As we saw in our testing the OutdoorMaster Booster can deliver its published 27 mile range. It also has regenerative braking to help recharge the batteries every time you brake.

The battery life is shown on both the Bluetooth remote controller and also an LED light on the side of the board. It has 5 bars. The first 4 bars represent 25% battery life each. The 5th bar is like the low fuel light on your car. When your down to 1 bar you have about a mile to go.


My board came almost fully charged. I plugged in the included charger and it was fully charged within an hour. The remote uses a USB cable to charge. It took about 30 minutes for that to charge.

OM Booster action shot

Going for a ride

We found a large smooth parking lot and let an experienced longboarder take the Booster for a spin. He had a big grin after feeling the power after giving it some juice the first time. He ran it for about 5 miles doing high speed passes, carving and trying out the acceleration and braking.

om booster speed carve

Acceleration, braking, and cornering

After a few laps and carving a bit he tightened the truck bushings a little and felt it was dialed in pretty good. It has traction in corners as good or better than any other longboard he’s ridden before. He thought it felt really solid cornering without being bouncy. He thought the ride was smooth and handled cracks as well as small rocks and other road debris with no trouble.

He didn’t notice any vibration or harshness from the rear wheels. Rear wheel vibration and bounciness can be common on other boards with large hub motors and thin rear wheel polyurethane. He felt it was just as smooth feeling as his non-powered longboard.

I recorded the speed and distance with a Garmin 520 GPS in the rider’s pocket. The max speed recorded during the session was 20.31mph.

The braking on this board is very strong. He started riding it with the brakes set on level 2. This is the default setting the board arrives set to. He thought the braking was overly strong and set the brakes back to level 1. He felt the board felt much better at level 1 and was more comfortable braking into corners at that setting. He felt brake level 2 was good if you were braking in a straight line and could lean into it. While going around a corner he thought it was too aggressive and threw him off balance too much.

Acceleration is strong even for heavier riders. I am 245 lbs and it can quickly accelerate up to 10mph with no hesitation. My test rider thought it felt impressively powerful. At the end of his ride, he had nothing but smiles.

OM booster cornering
OM Booster going fast
booster backside turn

Top speed

We found a subdivision with fresh pavement and a slight downhill and set out to find out exactly how fast the Booster will go. My friend geared up in a full face helmet and pads and went to work. We used the Garmin 520 again to measure performance. We recorded a max speed of 24.36mph. The advertised top speed is 24mph. The board was able to do it.

maximum speed
OM Booster speed run
OM Booster top speed
OM Booster Going Away

Hill climbing

I took the board to a pedestrian bridge nearby to check the hill climbing ability. The ramps up this bridge have an 8% grade. This is the steepest thing I know of here in Michigan to try this out on. Were not really known for hills in this area.

At speed level 1 the board went a few feet up the hill with me on it and stalled out. I weigh 245 lbs plus at least another 5-10 lbs of clothes. At speed level 2 it accelerated up the hill with no hesitation. I don’t know where a 30% grade hill is around here to try it. If I can find one I will and update this here.

Is the Booster good for beginners?

The OutdoorMaster Booster is a high performance board. You can set it on a lower speed mode if you are just starting out or want to let your kids ride it.

As a beginner rider, I have spent a bit of time on it now. I never touched a skateboard before in my life before getting this one for review. After a few hours riding it, I can comfortably turn and do circles in the parking lot in both directions and cruise down the road at level 3 speeds. I haven’t tried to ride it in traffic. I would feel okay about riding it around my neighborhood now.

After a couple 2 hours of rides on it I do feel some fatigue mainly in my rear foot and leg and neck. I don’t feel the back foot is any rougher than the front foot. If you aren’t used to doing an activity where your head and body are twisted in one direction the entire time you are doing it, you will need to build up some endurance for it.

If you are new to electric skateboarding this is an easy board to ride and you shouldn’t think twice about trying it. Keep it on level 1 until you are comfortable. Work up a level at a time as you gain more experience.

Range. Can it really go 27 miles on a charge?

We rode this across several rides until the battery died to find out just how far it would go. We used a Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS to measure the distance. On one ride I recorded 6.48 miles on the GPS. The Trip meter on the remote controller showed 6.7 miles. This was going down a straight flat bike path where there should be little error in the GPS from sampling error that you get on a windy path or trail.

Test RideDistanceRider WeightMax Speed
15.12 miles150 lbs20.31 mph
26.48 miles245 lbs8.79 mph
310.28 miles245 lbs9.43 mph
44.90 miles245 lbs10.85 mph
Total26.78 miles

Total distance across 4 rides to completely drain the battery was 5.12 + 6.48 + 10.28 + 4.90 = 26.78 miles. It’s not quite the published 27 miles but it’s really close. Our testing for range included 6 miles of hot laps around a parking lot with lots of accelerating and braking. A hill climbing test up a pedestrian bridge and then a heavyweight rider for the rest of the distance. I have no doubt that a 150 lb person riding on level 2 on flat ground could easily exceed 27 miles with this.

When you are riding this board. The last bar on the battery meter doesn’t last long. Only about a mile. The first 3 bars last 7 to 8 miles each. I was riding this looking at the battery meter on the board and remote expecting to get a lot more out of this. When you get down to 2 bars remaining which looks like 50% to go on the remote you actually have about 25-30% battery remaining and the last bar is a 1 mile warning. The remote will start beeping at you when it gets to 1 bar also letting you know you are almost empty.


Pavement really hurts if you hit it. It’s going to hurt a lot if you hit it at 24mph. I personally wear knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet while riding it. I haven’t fallen off this thing yet. I have hit the ground and a few trees while mountain biking and put some good sized dents in my helmet. For a good helmet, check out the Outdoor Master Skateboard and Cycling Helmet.

outdoor master skateboard cycling helmet review
OutdoorMaster Booster Electric Skateboard
outdoormaster booster product image

Get the Booster for $399.99 at OutdoorMaster.com

What we liked
  • Really long 27 mile range that the board can actually do.
  • Good top speed
  • Easy to ride high performance design
  • Powerful acceleration and braking
What we didn’t like
  • Carrying hole is not comfortable to carry the board
  • The weight of the board

OutdoorMaster Discount Code

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

Wrap Up

Everyone who got to try out the OutdoorMaster Booster really enjoyed it. It is a lot of fun to ride with a lot of performance. It delivers on its claim of really long range as well. If you are in the market for an electric skateboard I can highly recommend the Booster and think you will enjoy it.

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