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Outdoor Master Orion Voyager Review and Test – Great Value Touring SUP

Outdoor Master Orion Voyager iSUP review

Are you looking for a high performance stand up paddle board that will let you go farther? Your all around board is easy to paddle but just doesn’t have the glide to keep up paddling long distances. The Outdoor Master Orion Voyager Inflatable SUP is a great first touring board that will help you go the distance faster. Keep reading to learn more about the Outdoor Master Orion Voyager iSUP.

About Outdoor Master SUP Boards

Chasing Blue is the new inflatable paddleboard line by Outdoor Master. Outdoor Master is based in Duarte, California and was started by a group of outdoor enthusiasts. They noted that far too often good outdoor gear was pricy and cheap gear just didn’t perform. They started by producing one of the best low cost, full featured ski and snowboard goggles on the market selling direct to consumer through Amazon. Now they have turned to inflatable SUP boards that bring their low cost, high value, direct to consumer, approach to paddle boarding.

Best Value Touring Paddleboard

Chasing Blue Orion – Voyager iSUP Board
OM Orion Voyager Product Image
  • Size – 12′ 6″ x 32″ x 6″
  • Weight Capacity – 320 lbs
  • Board Weight – 22.5 lbs
  • Construction – 2 Layer Woven PVC
  • Paddle – 3 Piece Aluminum
  • Pump – Double Action Hand Pump

Use the Coupon Code SUPAFF to get paddleboards as low as $129.99 at OutdoorMaster.com

What we liked
  • Very stiff board construction.
  • Better speed than an all around board
  • Good price for a touring board
  • Durable 2 layer woven construction
  • Plenty of D-Rings and handles for mounting seats and accessories
What we didn’t like
  • The board is a little slower than narrower touring boards
  • Small side bite fins can’t be removed

Features of the Outdoor Master Orion Voyager 12’6″ inflatable paddle board

I got an Outdoor Master/Chasing Blue Infinite All Around 10’6″ paddle board last year to try out. It was my first inflatable stand up paddle board. I have had a lot of fun with it since then. It is easy to setup and fun to use. Like most all around boards, it is really easy to paddle and stable but it isn’t that fast. This year we got the Outdoor Master Orion Voyager 12’6″ touring paddle board to check out. This board promises to be faster with better glide than the all around board while still being stable enough for new paddlers.

Voyager paddling
Voyager Newport Group photo

Basic Specs

The Orion Voyager paddleboard is 12’6″ by 32″ wide. It is 6″ thick. It has a touring shape with a slender tip and tail. It has a decent amount of bow rocker. It has a similar overall shape and length to the Red Paddle Co Sport and Starboard Touring. It is a little wider at 32″ compared to the 30 inch width of those boards. It is intended to be a faster board with better glide while still having good stability. It will be better for speed seekers and long distance paddling than an all around board. It won’t demand as much balance skill as those boards to stand up on.


The Orion retails for $359.99 on Outdoor Master’s website. Using our discount code SUP50 you can get it for $309 now. This makes it one of the cheapest touring SUPs out there and an excellent value. Outdoor Master occasionally runs promos where they combo the board with a free Shark 2 electric pump. The Shark 2 is an excellent electric iSUP pump and well worth it if the combo is available.


The board uses double layer woven PVC laminate drop stitch construction. The material feels heavy and durable. It’s noticeably stiffer and heavier material than what you will find on a single layer $300 paddle board. The rails are reinforced with an extra layer of PVC. The construction looks clean with very few adhesive globs around the seams. They have done a good job with quality control in their manufacturing process.

Chasing Blue SUP construction

Board Stiffness

One of the ways to measure how well an inflatable board is made is how stiff it is. To measure this we set the board up on 2 stands 8 feet apart. We loaded the board up with 120 lbs of weight and measured how much the board deflected under load. The Chasing Blue Orion measured an excellent 1.6 inches. For reference, a $1500 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport with RSS battens measured 1.2 inches. Cheaper 1 ply paddleboards measure greater than 3 inches. This board is very close to the Red Paddle Co touring board in terms of overall stiffness.

SUP Board


Deflection (inches)

Nice C -10'6" x 32" (15 psi)

1 Ply PVC


DAMA - 11' x 33" (15 psi)

1 Ply PVC


Coolwave - 10'6" x 32" (15 psi)

1 Ply PVC


iRocker Nautical - 10'6" x 32" (15 psi)

2 Ply PVC


Chasing Blue Orion -12'6" x 32" (14.5 psi)

2 Ply PVC


Chasing Blue Infinite - 10'6" x 34" (14.5 psi)

2 Ply PVC


Freein Overall 11 - 11'' x 33" (15 psi)

2 Ply PVC


iRocker All Around 11 - 11' x 32" (15 psi)

3 Ply PVC


iRocker All Around 11 - 11' x 32" (15 psi)

2 Ply Woven PVC


iRocker Cruiser Ultra - 10'6" x 33" (15 psi)

2 Ply Woven PVC


Blackfin Ultra CX - 10'6" x 32.5" (15 psi)

2 Ply Woven PVC


Blackfin Model V - 12'6" x 32" (15 psi)

3 Ply PVC


Nixy Newport G4 - 10'6" x 33" (15 psi)

2 Ply Woven PVC


Nixy Monterey G4 - 11'6" x 34" (15 psi)

2 Ply Woven PVC


Red 12'6" Sport - 12'6" x 30" with RSS (20 psi)

MSL with Battens


deflection test setup annotated

Deck Pad

The board uses a split deck pad. The main EVA deck pad uses a grooved pattern which is comfortable to stand on. The tail of the board uses a diamond tread pattern for better traction doing kick turns. Both pads have enough thickness for padding and durability.

OM Orion Deckpad front
OM Orion deck pad rear

Handles, D-Rings and bungee cord

The Orion has a similar layout to the Chasing Blue Infinite All Around which I reviewed last year. It has 22 D-Rings with 7 handles. It has a bow and stern handle. Center handle and a set of grab handles with the front and back bungees. It has a bungee at both the front and back end for storing gear. This board doesn’t leave you wishing for more D-Rings. You can easily attach a kayak seat or almost any other accessory. Some people may find the deck a bit crowded. You can always remove the front or back bungee and handles if you find it too much.

OM Orion front bungee

Triple bottom panel fins

This board uses the standard 3 fin arrangement that most inflatable paddleboards out there have. 2 small fixed fins with 1 large removable center fin. This arrangement works very well for giving you both tracking and turning performance. You need to have water flowing over the fins for them to hold the board straight. Once you are moving it does a good job. The 3 fin setup also works better for shallow waters since it’s not as deep as a single fin. A 3 fin setup is higher drag than a 1 fin setup which is the downside.

OM Orion bottom fins


Outdoor Master paddle boards come as a complete package with everything you need to get on the water. They include a pump, paddle, leash, phone pouch, repair kit, and a variety of stick on and action mounts.

OM Orion accessories

Adjustable Paddle

They include the standard 3 piece aluminum paddle that you find with most $500 inflatable paddle boards. The paddle works well and is easy to adjust. The length is easy to adjust with easy to read measurements on the shaft. The shaft uses a push pin connector for attaching the blade. It uses a plastic quick release for attaching and adjusting the handle. The quick release needs to be tightened a couple turns to hold the handle. This is typical with all similar paddles that come with paddleboard packages.

OM Orion Paddle

Hand Pump

The included pump is double action and can be used to inflate and deflate the board. The gage is easy to read with clear markings for the recommended 13 to 15psi pressure. The hose is easy to attach. It uses a plug to change from single to double action. It works well for a hand pump.

OM Orion Hand Pump

Backpack Storage bag

A nice roller backpack is included. The bag is one of the nicer bags I have seen and would fit in with any paddleboard under $1000. The bag is padded with thermal reflective material inside the back. The backpack straps are nicely padded and include a waist strap as well. The bottom of the bag has elastic straps for holding the paddle in place. It has a tie down for holding the board in place inside the bag. I have the same bag on my Chasing Blue Infinite All around board. It has held up well after getting a lot of use last year.

OM Orion SUP backpack
OM Orion SUP backpack
OM Orion SUP backpack

Ankle leash

The coiled ankle leash has a neoprene cuff. It has a swivel on the end to reduce tangles. It is comfortable to wear and comes on and off easily.

Waterproof phone bag

They threw in a nice little waterproof phone pouch. My iPhone 11 is waterproof so I’ve never used these. If you have a phone that isn’t waterproof they are a good idea to avoid bricking your phone in a dunk.

Repair kit

A standard repair kit is included that includes some patching material and a valve tightening tool.

Sticky Mounts

They include a variety of stick on mounts. These included GoPro/Action camera mounts as well as a tripod mount and D-Ring mounts.

See our guide to the best paddle board accessories for other great accessories that make paddle boarding easier and more fun.

Setup and Inflation

This stand up paddle board is fairly straightforward to setup. Unroll the board in a nice smooth sandy or grassy area free of any sharp debris. Use the pump to inflate the board. Attach the fins. Put the paddle together. You are set to go.

This board is larger at 12’6″ so it will take a little longer to inflate than a 10′ board will. It has more air volume in it.

The board has a valve that will release at 15psi. This is to prevent the board from being damaged by over inflation. If you accidentally set your pump to 16psi, it will let all the air out when you take the hose off. I recommend not inflating the board past the recommended 13psi on a hot day. This makes sure that the board won’t heat up and go above 15psi releasing the pressure.

If this is your first inflatable paddleboard, here are a few tips.

Inflatable paddleboards will look and feel fully inflated at 1 psi pressure. Inflate it to 13-15psi to get an actual rigid board that performs well. At 1-5 psi you will have a very flimsy board that looks fully inflated.

The pressure gage on the pump won’t move until you get to 1 psi pressure. You will feel like you pump for several minutes before the gage starts to move.

An electric pump makes this process a lot easier and more enjoyable. If you don’t have one I highly recommend you get one. I use the Outdoor Master Shark 2. See my review of the Outdoor Master Shark 2 to learn more.

Outdoor Master Shark 2 Electric Pump

OM Shark Product Image

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for up to 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

See our guide to the best electric SUP pumps for more great options.

If this sounds like a lot of hassle, see our article on inflatable vs rigid SUP boards for all the reasons that an inflatable board is better for most people.

On water performance

The Orion board is a stretched out touring board shape. It still has the width of an all-around board at 32 inches. It has better glide and tracking than the shorter 10’6″ boards. It has enough bow rocker to go through chop easily.

OM Voyager paddling
OM Orion Voyager Paddling

The board is more of a stretched all around board than a true touring board with the bow rocker and 3 fins. It is a good step up for those looking for more glide but aren’t ready to handle a 28-30″ wide board. It can be paddled by someone of any skill level.

The board handles small waves and chop well. I found it performed well out on the lake here with some decent breeze. It will take a little more effort to turn the board through the wind than a shorter board that has less windage. As long as you keep the board moving it will cut chop and waves without much problem.

The board is stable enough that kick turns aren’t too difficult. It’s a nice stable platform to practice and learn them on.

Chasing Blue Orion paddling

Heavy weight paddlers

The board has a published 300 lb max weight capacity. I have found that Outdoor Master is very accurate with their stated specifications. I have no doubt that the board will carry 300 lbs. We tested the Infinite All around which has a 330 lb weight capacity with a 325 lb person. They were able to stand up on the board with a little practice.

This board is longer and narrower which makes it a little less rigid than a shorter board. This is the reason for the reduced weight limit over the 10’6″ Infinite All Around board.

Anyone up to 200 lbs won’t notice the flex in this board much. Above that weight, you may notice some bend in the board. It’s not going to be as rigid as a Starboard dual chamber board or Red Paddle Co with RSS battens. It’s also 1/3rd the cost of those boards and performs pretty good for the cost.

Paddling Orion Voyager

How is it compared to a Red Paddle Co touring board?

The Outdoor Master Orion is one of the cheapest touring paddleboard’s available. How does it compare to a more expensive touring board. We also have a Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport. The Red Paddle Co board retails for $1699 compared to $599 for the Outdoor Master Chasing Blue Orion. The boards have a similar overall shape. The Red 12’6″ Sport is a few inches narrower and a few inches shorter. It has their speed tail and a single fin for reduced drag and RSS batten system for extra stiffness.

On the water, the Orion is the more stable and easier to stand on board. Most beginners could stand on it. The Red Sport is less stable feeling because of its narrower width and less volume. The Orion has much better glide than my Outdoor Master Infinite 10’6″ all around board. The Red 12’6″ Sport is a bit better tracking with less drag than the Orion. Is it 3 times the cost faster? Not for most people.

See the below images for a comparison of the board shape with a Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport touring board. The Outdoor Master Orion is wider and a few inches longer but otherwise similar shape.

Om vs Red
Om vs Red
Om vs Red

Kayak conversion

The board works really well as a kayak with a seat attached. There are plenty of D-Rings for attaching a seat. The 32″ width works well for paddling with a kayak paddle. You won’t have to reach as far to the sides like a 34″ wide board. The length and shape allow you to get a lot of glide as a kayak without the wind resistance of you standing on it.

OM Voyager Kayak Setup
Orion Voyager Kayak

See our guide to paddle board kayak conversions to learn more about using your paddleboard as a kayak.

Deflation and packing

To put the board away, find a nice soft spot on the ground without anything sharp that can puncture or scratch it. Let it dry completely before deflating it. If you don’t have time then you can unroll it and dry it at home. Don’t store it wet or you will open the bag and find a stinky moldy board.

Take off the fins first. Deflate the board by pushing the air valve. If you don’t want to use a pump, you can lay on the board to squeeze the air out. Squeeze the rest out by rolling it up. I find it easier to use either an electric pump or handpump to suck all the air out before rolling the board. That gets the roll tight enough to easily fit in the bag. Use the included strap to hold it rolled up.

Deflating and putting the board back in the carrying bag can easily be done in less than 10 minutes. This is not counting drying time.

Chasing Blue Orion – Voyager iSUP Board
OM Orion Voyager Product Image

Use the Coupon Code SUPAFF to get paddleboards as low as $129.99 at OutdoorMaster.com

Outdoor Master discount code

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

Wrap up

The Outdoor Master Orion Voyager 12’6″ racing SUP is a good board for those looking to go longer distances. It is a great value touring board that is more suitable for beginner paddlers than other narrower more expensive options. If you want to try out something higher performance than a basic all around board, you should give it a look.

Are you still undecided? See our guide to the best inflatable touring paddleboards for other good options.

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