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Outdoor Master Lazurite Snow Helmet – Good Value Under $60

Outdoor Master Lazurite Snow Helmet Review

The Outdoor Master Lazurite Ski and Snowboard helmet is their latest entry level helmet. It has some nice improvements over the very popular Outdoor Master Kelvin helmet with only a small price increase. The Lazurite has speaker compatible ear pads, in-mold construction, and a larger fit. Keep reading to get the full story on the Outdoor Master Lazurite Snow Helmet.

About Outdoor Master

Outdoor Master is a California based outdoor gear company started by a bunch of enthusiasts. They recognized that to get functional gear that worked you had to pay premium brand prices. Discount bargain gear frequently fell apart and was a waste of money. They went on a mission to create great working gear at affordable prices. They started with ski goggles which have proven to be one of the best performing value skiing goggles on the market.

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Outdoor Master Lazurite Ski and Snowboard Helmet Features

Best Value Ski Helmet

Outdoor Master Lazurite Snow Helmet
OM Lazurite Product Image
  • SAFETY – Equipped with a Reinforced ABS SHELL & shock-absorbing EPS CORE. A snowboarding helmet provides the ultimate protection for your head against falls.
  • AUDIO COMPATIBLE – Pockets in the earpad accept helmet headphone speakers
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE – Size adjustment dial for a perfect fit.
  • EASY TO WASH removable, snow sport helmets include inner fleece liner, Storing earphone & Ear pads fuctions.
  • 4 DIFFERENT COLOR OPTIONS – Sleek design available in matte material suitable for ski helmets men & ski helmet women.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS VENTILATION – Equipped with 10 individual vents for next-level ventilation for HOURS OF COMFORTABLE SKIING.

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for up to 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

I got a size large OutdoorMaster Lazurite helmet to try out. I have spent quite a bit of time skiing with both the excellent Diamond MIPS helmet and the popular entry level Kelvin helmet now. The Lazurite helmet is a new entry level helmet with styling similar to the Diamond MIPS helmet but priced like the Kelvin.

lazurite helmet side view


The Lazurite helmet retails for $59.99. It is available directly from Outdoor Master and also on Amazon. You can get 15% off from Outdoor Master using our coupon code ERO15.

The Kelvin helmet runs $45 and the Diamond MIPS runs $89.99

Safety Certifications

The Lazurite is ASTM2040F certified. It does not have MIPS. The Outdoor Master Diamond MIPS helmet is available that does have MIPS.


The helmet is available in small, medium, and large. The large size has a range from 23.2 – 24inches. This is the same as the Diamond MIPS helmet. It is the same max size as the Kelvin which has a range of 22 – 24 inches.

From a feel point of view. The Lazurite feels much larger than the kelvin helmet. The earpads overlap my ear lobes by an inch in all directions. The earpads in the Kelvin do not fully cover my ears. The Lazurite feels a bit wider also. The earpads are not squeezing my ears as much. This is a welcome change. I can just barely fit a size large Kelvin. I can very comfortably fit a size large Lazurite.

The helmet has a size adjuster to help give it a perfect fit. It is similar to the adjuster on other Outdoor Master helmets which is smooth feeling and reliable.

laz size adjuster


The Lazurite uses an ABS shell with EPS foam energy absorber. It uses in-mold construction rather than the cheaper hard shell construction used in the Kelvin. The straps are attached inside the foam rather than the visible rivets of the Kelvin.

Both helmets have a similar fleece and mesh liner that is removable. The fleece feels the same on both. They both have a similar size adjuster on the back.

helmet insides

The neckstrap on the Lazurite has a thin foam pad on the chin strap. The neckstrap on the Lazurite is long enough for me to wear but I am at the very end of the adjustment. Like the Kelvin, the Lazurite could use another inch of neck strap for people at the upper end of the size range.

Audio Compatible Ear Pads

The Lazurite has speaker compatible ear pads. They have velcro closures and a hole in the earpad foam to place the speaker into. The earpads have a fleece lining similar to the other Outdoor Master ski helmets.

audio compatible ear pad
OutdoorMaster BT01 wireless headphone speakers

If you choose to use wireless headphones, check out the OutdoorMaster BT01.

The earpads feel comfortable to wear. The extra width of the helmet makes it feel much better than the Kelvin. I get headaches from ear pressure from many ski helmets including high end helmets from Smith Optics. I frequently have to remove the ear pads for the helmet to be comfortable and wear a hat. I can only wear a Kelvin helmet for an hour or 2. I can wear a Lazurite all day with earpads in.


The Lazurite helmet has 10 vents that are always open. The front 2 vents look like goggle defog vents but they are not. They do not have air channels leading to the top of the goggles. These vents are covered by the fleece inner lining. I doubt much if any air will be able to flow through these. They are mostly cosmetic as far as I can tell.

The other 8 vents are located on the top and rear of the helmet and provide good ventilation to keep your head dry. They are not as large as vents on other helmets. They provide a good compromise for cold and warm days on the mounting. Since the vents can’t be closed, you will have a cold head if too much air is flowing through.

lazurite helmet vents


The Lazurite helmet has a basic dome shape look with a small brim on the front. The vents are on the top of the helmet giving the sides a nice clean look. This is similar in styling to the entry level helmets from Smith Optics, Oakley, Giro, and Anon.

Lazurite helmet overlooking bay
Outdoor Master Lazurite helmet with Pulse XL goggles

Goggle compatibility

The Lazurite snowboard helmet has a bungee strap with a metal snap for holding your goggles on. I prefer bungees or rubber straps over plastic clips. I question how long any plastic clip will last without breaking off after baking in the sun for a few seasons.

I have tried the Lazurite Helmet with a number of different Outdoor Master ski goggles. See below for images with the Ultra XL, Pro XM, and Pulse XL goggles. They all work well with little to no gap.

Laz helmet with pulse goggles front view
Outdoor Master Pulse XL Goggles
Laz helmet with pulse goggles side view
Outdoor Master Pulse XL Goggles
Laz helmet with Ultra goggles front view
OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles
Laz helmet Ultra Goggles side view
OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles
Laz helmet pro goggles front view
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro
Laz helmet with pro goggles side view
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro

Outdoor Master Lazurite Snowboard and Ski Helmet summary

OutdoorMaster Lazurite Snow Helmet
OM Lazurite Product Image

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for up to 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

What we liked
  • Larger fit and more comfortable than the Kelvin helmet
  • Has audio compatible ear pads
  • Low price
  • Good compatibility with most ski and snowboard goggles
What we didn’t like
  • Vents on the front of the helmet don’t function as goggle defog vents
  • The chin strap needs to be about an inch longer

OutdoorMaster Discount Code

Use the Coupon Code ERO2022 for 20% off at OutdoorMaster.com

The Verdict

The Lazurite is a nice entry level ski helmet that improves upon the Kelvin helmet in several areas. The larger size fit, speaker compatible earpads, and in-mold construction are nice upgrades.

The OutdoorMaster Lazurite Snow Helmet is worth considering if you are looking for a good value ski or snowboard helmet

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