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Nice C Stand Up Paddle Board – Review and Water Test 2022

nice c stand up paddle board review

Are you looking for a cheap paddle board to try paddle boarding? The Nice C Stand Up Paddle Board is a good option that you can get for around $200 on sale. It is a good quality board sold with what you need to get on the water. Keep reading for our full review of the Nice C inflatable SUP.

Features of the Nice C Stand Up Paddle Board

Best $200 Inflatable Paddle Board

Nice C Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP

Key Features and Specifications

  • Size – 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
  • D-Rings – 5
  • Paddle – 3 piece adjustable aluminum
  • Construction – Double layer top, single layer bottom PVC drop stitch construction
  • Accessories – Paddle, single action pump, carrying backpack, ankle leash

We were provided the Nice C standup paddleboard over the winter to try out. It is the cheapest paddleboard I have ever tried and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. It falls in the same price range and features as the popular Funwater Tiki paddleboards.

Standing with NC Board


You can find the Nice C inflatable SUP on Amazon for $229. Sometimes there is a $30 coupon available that lets you get it for about $200. It is also available directly from Nice Choice.

Basic Specs

The board is an all around shape that is 10’6″ long by 33″ wide by 6″ thick. It has a stated weight capacity of 300 lbs. It comes with a carrying bag, single action pump, and 3 piece aluminum paddle.

PVC Drop Stich Construction

The Nice C board uses single layer PVC drop stitch construction like most under $300 paddleboards. It has a single layer PVC on the bottom and a 2 layer PVC laminate on the top surface. It has taped board rails for extra strength and stiffness. The construction looks clean. There are very few excess glue bubbles in the seams which we have seen on other cheap boards. All the fittings are centered on the board. I expect board durability will be good after looking at the construction.

Nice C Construction

Board Stiffness

One of the ways to measure how well an inflatable board is made and how well it will perform is how stiff it is. To measure this we set the board up on 2 stands 8 feet apart. We loaded the board up with 120 lbs of weight and measured how much the board deflected under load.

The Nice C board deflected 2.6 inches. This was significantly better than any other 1 layer PVC board we have tested. More expensive double layer boards and boards with advanced construction like MSL are stiffer and deflect much less.

Board NameConstructionPressure (psi)Deflection (inches)
Nice C 10’6″ by 32″1 Ply PVC15.0 psi2.6 inches
DAMA 11′ x 33″1 Ply PVC15.0 psi3.0 inches
Coolwave 10’6″ x 32″1 Ply PVC15.0 psi3.3 inches
iRocker Nautical 10’6″ x 32″2 Ply PVC15.0 psi2.8 inches
Chasing Blue Infinite 10’6″ x 33″2 Ply PVC14.5 psi1.4 inches
Red 10’6″ x 30″ Sport with RSSMSL20.0 psi1.2 inches

Deck Pad

The board has a large EPA foam deck pad that goes from the rear of the board to just behind the front bungees. It has a diamond grid pattern everywhere for good traction. I don’t see any areas where the pad is lifting off around the edges.

Nice C deck pad

Handles, D-Rings and Bungee Cords

The board has 5 D-Rings total. 4 at the front with a bungee cord. 1 at the back to use with the leash. The board has 1 handle in the middle.

NC Front bungee
NC Rear D-Ring


This board has the same 3 fin arrangement that almost every $200-$600 paddleboard has. It has 2 small fixed fins and 1 large removable fin. The large fin slides out and uses a small tab to hold it securely in place. This system has proven itself to work well on many paddleboards. It gives good tracking once the board is moving and still lets you turn the board easily.

Nice C SUP Bottom fins

Air valve

The board uses an H3 valve or Halkey Roberts valve. It is the same valve type as most inflatable paddleboards. The valve works by pushing in a button to release air. Push it again to pop it back into the closed position. Make sure it is in the up or closed position before trying to inflate the board. The valves on other boards need to be rotated to stay in the open position. This valve doesn’t. That can cause some frustrations while inflating the board.


The Nice C inflatable paddle board comes with what you need to use the board and not much extra. I’d rather have better quality control in the paddleboard than extra accessories. A couple of notable missing things here were any kind of instruction sheet and a repair kit. The Nice Choice website and Amazon show a repair kit but one not was included with my board.

Nice C iSUP accessories

3 Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle

The 3 piece paddle is the same as you will find on almost every under $500 inflatable paddleboad. It is an aluminum paddle with plastic blade. The shaft is 3 pieces. The paddle uses a plastic quick release lever to adjust the length. It needs to be tightened 3 to 4 turns before using to hold the handle securely which is normal for most new paddleboards.

The paddle and shaft are black color. They printed the length measurements on the paddle in black also. They are hard to read. Every other paddle I own has them printed in contrasting colors.

NC Paddle 1
NC Paddle 2
NC Paddle 3


A very basic carrying backpack is included. It is more of a large drawstring mesh bag with backpack straps. It opens from the top end only. It is big enough to carry the board and pump. It is more difficult to load than a zipper bag with a bigger opening. It is mesh and everything dries easily inside. It can be rolled up and stuffed in the front bungee on the board too. The bag isn’t padded and doesn’t have any other structure to it.

NC Backpack 1
NC Backpack 2

Single Action High Pressure Pump

A single action pump is included in the package. It will inflate the board to 15psi. It only pushes air on the downstroke. It takes much longer and more effort to inflate the board than with a double action pump. The pump can’t be used to deflate the board either which most double action pumps can do.

NC Pump 1
NC Pump 2

Ankle Leash

A coil leash is included to attach your ankle to the board. It has a nice neoprene cuff to go around your ankle. It has a swivel at the opposite end to keep it from tangling up.

Setup and Inflation

The board is easy to setup. You unpack and unroll the board somewhere smooth without rocks or sticks under the board. Make sure the air valve is in the closed (button out) position. Attach the hose and start pumping.

You need to inflate the board to about 14 psi to have a good rigid board to use. The board will look inflated at under 1 psi. It’s not ready to use until you get to 14psi.

The pump is only single action and it will take a lot of effort to get this thing inflated. It takes me about 10 minutes to pump up this board with a few needed breaks. With a single action pump you only push air on the downstroke. With a double action pump you push air on the down and up stroke. It takes twice as many pumps to get to about 1 psi. 1 PSI is around where you would switch a double action pump back to single action.

I understand why they included only a single action pump. It was to get a lower price point. Many people use an electric pump because it makes inflatable SUPs a lot more enjoyable. My recommendation is, if you buy this board, use some of the money saved to get a basic electric pump. The Outdoor Master Dolfin works well and is cheap. I personally use the Outdoor Master Whale and Shark 2 which are a bit more expensive.

Outdoor master dolphin pump

On several occasions, I have managed to bump the air valve into the open position while removing the hose. You have to quickly push the valve button to close it. Reattach the pump and put the air back in you lost. The valve on other boards needs to be rotated to stay in the open position after pushing it which prevents this problem.

After inflating the board you need to slide the fin into the slot on the board. Push the retention tab in. Put the end on the paddle and adjust the length. At this point, you are ready to go.

Nice C board sitting on beach
Nice C Board Bottom at beach

Going for a paddle

This board is an all around shape that is 10’6″ long by 33″ wide. It has decent glide and good stability with that length and width. All around boards are good for beginner skill level paddlers because they are easy to turn and stable. They are good for a lot of uses such as SUP Yoga or fishing. They are good for cruising around. You won’t get places as fast as you would with a longer touring board.

Paddling Nice C board

The 3 fin arrangement works well at keeping the board going straight. It needs some water flow to work like any board with this fin setup. The first couple paddle strokes will feel like the board is going all over. Once it gets moving it will track straight.

This is a single layer PVC drop stitch board. It will not be as rigid or stiff feeling as a double layer board. It’s one of the more rigid single layer boards out there. This is most noticeable for heavier paddlers or with more waves and chop. Paddlers under 150 lbs won’t really notice on flat water. Paddlers over 200 lbs will notice some flex when trying to push the board into chop.

The size of the board at 10’6″ by 33″ will be better for heavier paddlers than a smaller 10′ x 32″ board. More board volume can float more weight. I am an over 200 lb paddler. I can feel some flex in the board but it’s not that much.

NC Board Paddling
Nice C Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP
What we liked
  • Very low cost
  • Stiffer board construction than other single layer PVC boards
  • Quality construction with no excess glue and misaligned parts
  • Good basic all around paddleboard shape
  • Has good on water performance for paddlers 250 lbs and less
  • Backpack is easy to roll up and shove in the bungee cords while paddling
What we didn’t like
  • Includes a single action pump
  • Air valve sometimes releases air when you remove the air hose
  • Single layer PVC board is not as rigid as double layer boards

Wrap Up

The Nice C inflatable paddle board is one of the cheapest paddle boards available. It will get you on the water for close to $200. The board construction is well done with good quality control. It uses similar construction as most $200-$300 paddleboards. It does cut corners in areas such as the single action pump and mesh backpack. It is a good board for a beginner paddler who is under 200 lbs. It is a good stand up paddleboard for those who want to give paddleboarding a try for the least amount of money possible.

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