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Neo-Crafts Neoprene Car Seat Cover Review – Protect Your Seats From Sweat And Mud

Mountain biking is really fun but it leaves you sweaty and covered with dirt or mud after a good ride. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live riding distance from our favorite trails. This means getting back into your car dirty after riding. A good car seat cover can keep your car seats protected from your sweaty nasty self after riding. There are a ton of seat cover options available from Amazon. Keep reading for our Neo-Crafts Neoprene car seat cover review.

Neo-Crafts Neoprene Car Seat Cover Review

These seat covers are available from several brands on Amazon. Like many inexpensive items, they get rebranded and sold by different vendors. When buying items from Amazon you should always shop around and look for the same item for the lowest cost. The price can double between vendors. I chose the covers by Neo-Crafts as they had the best price at the moment including 10% off for buying 2 covers.

These seem like the same design or very similar to the Gorla Seat Covers which are the most popular on Amazon with thousands of reviews. The Gorla seat covers are $10 more expensive

Neo-Crafts Neoprene Car Seat Cover

The Best Neoprene Car Seat Cover, Waterproof! Protect Your CAR SEAT & SEAT Belt! Automobile Universal Non-Slip Fit Premium seat Protector for Dogs, Running, Beach, Fitness+ SEAT-Belt Saver Black

  • EFFECTIVE SEAT PROTECTION: These amazing car seat covers are waterproof and stain, sweat, dirt and odor resistant. They’ll keep your seats safe from pets, kids, wear, coffee spills, sunlight – anything, really!
  • FIT FOR ALMOST ANY CAR: These smart car seat protectors are designed to be universal. They easily fit on any seat with an adjustable headrest, even back seats, and they do not leave marks on light-colored seats.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, REMOVE & CLEAN: Neo-crafts car seat protectors only take a moment to be installed or removed from your car seats. You just have to slip them over the headrest and roll them down, easy as pie!

First Impressions

These seat covers come in a plastic bag. It contains the seat cover and a small seat belt cover. I don’t really see the point to the seat belt cover so I haven’t installed or used it. The seat covers on neoprene with one smooth side and one textured side. The labels are on the smooth side which should face out when they are installed. The textured side contacts the car seat so they stay in place and don’t slide around.

seat cover top and bottom surface

They have an elastic strap with a buckle for going around your seat. There are 2 small elastic loops at the bottom. I don’t see anything on my car seats these can attach to. They work for holding the cover rolled up. You can also roll it up and stuff it into the headrest pocket which is how they come.

The stitching and workmanship look what you would expect for the price. Nothing fancy and no major flaws. The Neoprene is a couple mm thick. They feel like they will last a while under normal use.


I originally bought these to use in my 2021 Ford Explorer. This is what I installed them in first. Installation is easy. You unroll it. Put the headrest pocket over your headrest. Drap the cover over your seat. Fasten the elastic cord around your seat.
The only slightly challenging part of this is fastening the elastic strap. I can reach around my car seat to do it from the front. Some people may not be able to. I find it can be a struggle to fish the elastic strap out between the car seat and center console.

The other way to do this is buckle the strap before putting the cover on your seat. Slide the strap over the top of the seat and pull the cover down over the seat that way.

car seat cover on Ford Escape
car seat strap on Ford Escape


Before ordering this seat cover take a tape measure out to your car and measure the width of your seat. These will not fit all car seats well. Measure across the widest point of the seat bolster. Follow the contour of the seat.

car seat bolster width measurement

From the information for the seat cover, these covers are 21.5 inches wide. I included the measurements image below.

The Best Neoprene Car Seat Cover, Waterproof! Protect Your CAR SEAT & SEAT Belt! Automobile Universal Non-Slip Fit Premium seat Protector for Dogs, Running, Beach, Fitness+ SEAT-Belt Saver Black

I measured the seats on my 2021 Ford Explorer and they are 24 inches wide. The seats in my 2016 Ford Escape are 22 inches wide. As you can see in the image below, the bolsters are not covered by the seat cover in my Explorer. The seats will not be protected from my sweaty, muddy arms using these seat covers.

Ford Explorer with seat cover

How well do they work?

The car seat covers from Neo-Craft seem to be holding up so far after several uses. They have been through the washing machine about 10 times now and still look like new. I don’t see any stitches falling out anywhere or anything else falling apart. They seem like they will hold up over time.

I don’t notice them being any more slippery than the leather seats in my car. They stay in place when I am getting in and out of the car. I haven’t found that I need to hold them in place or slide them back into position after climbing into the car seat.

They work well on my Ford Escape for covering the whole seat surface that my body would touch. They are not big enough for my Ford Explorer so I will be shopping for another option.

Overall these seem like a good investment for protecting your expensive car seats. They are easy to clean. Easy to install and remove from your car. They keep the sweat off your car seats. Be sure to measure your seats for size before ordering them to make sure they will fit your car.

What We Liked
✔️ Inexpensive
✔️ They cover your car seat from sweat and dirt
✔️ They hold up well to the washing machine
What We Didn’t Like
They are too small for wider car seats
The elastic seat strap can be a little challenging to wrap around the seat

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