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iRocker Cooler Deck Bag – The Best Cooler For SUP Adventures

iRocker Cooler deck bag review

Nothing is better after spending a few hot hours on a stand up paddle board than a nice cold drink. A cooler you can take with you on your paddle board makes that possible while you are out on the water. iRocker makes some of the best paddle boards available. They also make some of the best paddleboarding accessories. We tried out the iRocker Cooler Deck Bag and it works really well. Keep reading to get the full review.

About iRocker

iRocker was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Jacksonville Florida. It is run by CEO and co-founder Steve Elder. They aren’t a Chinese company with a US mailing address. They believe in producing the best paddle boards available at reasonable prices. They are passionate about paddle boarding and creating great paddle boards. They believe in their boards enough to offer a 90 day guarantee allowing you to return or exchange your iRocker board if you aren’t happy with it.

Features of the iRocker Cooler Deck Bag

Best SUP Cooler

iROCKER Cooler Deck Bag
irocker deck cooler bag product image

Key Features and Specifications

  • The iROCKER Cooler Deck Bag features a water-resistant design to keep your snacks dry and your drinks cold
  • Equipped with clips on the bottom of the cooler deck bag to perfectly attach to the cargo area D-Rings on the front of your board.
  • Sized perfectly large enough to fit the essentials but not too large to allow for storage of additional cargo.
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 12″ x 6″
  • Compatible with most paddleboards

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We really love our iRocker paddle board. We got a chance to try out some of the paddle boarding accessories available from iRocker. They make some really innovative items that will make your day on a stand up paddle board more fun. One of our favorite items was the iRocker Cooler Deck Bag. It is a compact soft cooler that is water resistant. It has a built in bungee with hooks for attaching to your paddle board. The cooler was supplied by iRocker. As with all our reviews, we’ll give you the good and bad.

Cooler next to board

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Basic Specs

The iRocker deck bag cooler is 13″ x 12″ x 6″. It’s about the size of a lunch bag or lunch box. It smooshes down to about 1 inch thick when it’s empty and not being used. It will fit inside your inflatable paddle board bag. It will fit inside a regular sized backpack as well.


The cooler bag is available directly from iRocker for $39.99. It is also available on Amazon.

High quality materials

The deck cooler bag looks very well made with clean stitching and materials. It feels like something that will last a while. The vinyl or rubberized material on the outside feels thick and sturdy. The light grey color is light and shiny enough that it should do a good job reflecting the sun off and not heating up.

Water resistant

The cooler is water resistant and made from a vinyl waterproof material.

The inside of the bag is fully insulated. It is lined with a rubberized material. The zipper is water resistant. It’s not a waterproof zipper like you would find on a dry suit. Water can find its way into the cooler between the zipper ends.

Exterior pocket

The bag has an exterior pocket big enough to fit your wallet, keys, phone, or other small items. It is lined with water resistant material. The zipper is water resistant but not waterproof. Water can get in at the zipper end.


The deck bag is small enough to fit under the front bungee of most paddle boards. The bag has a bungee cord on the bottom with 4 clips. You can strap the cooler to the D-rings on your board cargo area to keep it secure. The clips fit onto a standard paddleboard D-Ring. They are a tight fit when removing them. A little bit larger clip would have been nice to make your fingers happy.

There is a handle on one side so you can carry it like a regular bag/cooler/lunch box as well.

Back of cooler
Cooler attached to board
bungee hooks

Big enough for lunch or a 6 pack

A 6 pack of your favorite beverage is what many people will put in their SUP cooler. A 6 pack of regular sized cans or bottles will both fit into the cooler. There is room for an ice pack or sandwhich along with a water bottle too. It’s just about the perfect size for people who want to pack lunch for their paddling adventure. There is plenty of room for an ice pack, sandwich, and a drink.

inside cooler

How well does it keep things cool or warm?

We have taken the cooler on a few hot day trips now. It will keep drinks warm for a few hours with an ice pack on a hot day. If you want to keep lunch or drinks cool for an afternoon of paddle board fishing it works more than good enough.

iROCKER Cooler Deck Bag
irocker deck cooler bag product image

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What we liked
  • Big enough for a 6 pack or lunch
  • Keeps things cool in bright sunlight
  • Has a bungee and hooks for attaching to your paddleboard D-Ring
  • Reasonably priced
What we didn’t like
  • The hooks work but could be a little bigger
  • It is water resistant but not waterproof

Wrap up

The iRocker deck cooler bag makes an excellent paddle board cooler. It is big enough for a 6 pack or lunch. It keeps things cool for an afternoon under hot sunlight. If you want a high quality cool to use on your SUP adventure, I highly recommend the iRocker Deck Cooler Bag.

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