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FunniPets SUV Cargo Liner Review – Protect Your SUV From Your Dirty Mountain Bike

Keeping your bike in the back of your car or SUV is one of the best ways to transport it. You don’t have to worry about it getting stolen off a bike rack. It is protected from the weather so you can leave it there all the time. I tend to keep my bike in the back most of the time during the spring through fall always ready to go for the next trail ride. It has it’s downsides. It makes the back of your car dirty and scuffs up the plastic trim pieces. For my new car, I picked up FunniPets SUV Cargo Liner to help keep it nice. Read below for my FunniPets SUV Cargo Liner review.

SUV Cargo Liners – What is out there

There are a lot of choices when it comes to protecting the back of your SUV. I have a 2021 Ford Explorer that was looking to protect. This is the first vehicle I have leased and I don’t want to leave the cargo area all scratched and scuffed up. As you can see from the photos below, after 5 years, my Ford Escape has a lot of wear and scuffing on the trim pieces.

scuffed up cargo area plastic trim

I also wanted something that would protect the sides as well as the load floor. You can get a car detailed and they can clean the carpet up real nice. They can’t do anything for scuffs and scratches in the hard plastic trim. WeatherTech makes some good protectors for the load floor. A nice heavy rubber floor would be ideal. They offer nothing that wraps up over the sides. No one else that makes anything similar has a product that covers the sides. If anyone knows of one I would love to hear about it.

The next best thing I could find is cargo liners designed primarily for dog and pet use that cover both the floor and side. There are tons of these available on Amazon that are inexpensive. These are all made with canvas material. Most claim to be waterproof and scratch resistant.

FunniPets Cargo Liner for SUV, Waterproof Dog Cargo Cover with Side Walls Protector and Bumper Flap, Non-Slip Backing, Quilted Pet Seat Cover, Large Size Universal Fit, Grey

FunniPets SUV Cargo Liner Review

Based on the features and number of positive reviews I choose the FunniPets Cargo Liner. It has waterproof canvas material, side flaps, and a bumper protector flap. At the time I ordered it, it had over 500 positive ratings. It cost $45.99 including Prime shipping. As with many products on Amazon the same product is sold under many names so you can look around who has it the cheapest at the moment. I would prefer heavy rubber construction similar to WeatherTech but there currently doesn’t seem to be anything available. This was the next best option.

FunniPets Cargo Liner

Cargo Liner for SUV, FunniPets Waterproof Dog Cargo Cover with Side Walls Protector and Bumper Flap, Non-Slip Backing, Quilted Pet Seat Cover, Large Size Universal Fit, Black

  • Large Cargo Liner, Universal Fit – 91 inches long and 55 inches wide (Excluding side flaps), the sizes fit all standard vehicles, best for standard/midsize/large SUVs
  • Extra Side Flap and Bumper Flap – Extra side flap protects the side wall from scratches, provides full protection for the cargo area. And this suv cargo liner is long enough to cover the bumper, prevents from scratching
  • Easy to Install and Clean – quick release headrest straps & seat anchors design, can be installed on the cargo area or back seat. Can be cleaned with wet towel, shower or vaccum cleaner

Unboxing and First Impressions

It comes in a plain cardboard box wrapped in plastic. Nothing fancy as far as packaging goes. Who really cares since it’s heading straight for the recycling bin anyway. The material is a multi-layer quilted canvas. The bottom side has a mesh non slip backing layer so it won’t slide. It feels adequate but not extra heavy duty. It is not as heavy as marine grade canvas you would find on a boat but heavier than clothing material. The construction, stitching, and hardware look good enough for its intended purpose.

canvas material and webbing
installed funnipets suv cargo liner with seats up


I unrolled it and installed in my Explorer which took about 5 minutes. It’s easy for one person to install in an SUV by themselves.

It has 2 straps with buckles to hold it to the rear seat headrests. I have found that it’s easier to raise and lower the seats if you only wrap the strap around one leg of the headrest. If you wrap it around both legs of the headrests you have to wrestle with the seats a lot more to fold and unfold them. I need the seats folded to fit my mountain bike. I like leaving the protector in all the time whether the seats are folded or not.

rear seat headrest straps

The 2 side flaps have 3 suction cups each and they also have velcro hook and loop patches. They include some velcro strips you can stick to your car. I don’t want to clean up the sticky goop in a few years so I didn’t try out the velcro strips. If I was using this in a car I owned I might consider it. I want the side flaps to protect the plastic from mess. Putting adhesive strips on the plastic creates mess when you have to remove them.

side flap closeup

The suction cups work okay holding the flaps up to the glass. I use 2 for each side. The 3rd forward most suction cup would have to attach to the side door window. It causes too much bunching and folding of the side flaps to attach to the quarter window. Make sure you put the suction cup onto clear glass and no somewhere with a label. Mine kept falling off right away until I realized there was some text on the glass where I was attaching them. The text has just enough thickness to make the suction cups fall off after about 30 seconds.

rear window suction cup

Using the cargo liner with a mountain bike

The cargo area protector works well at keeping the bike off the plastic trim on the sides and covers the carpet. It stays in place while loading the bike in and sliding it across it. For reference the cargo area in my 2021 Explorer is a little over 4 feet wide by 4 feet long. It is just about a perfect fit size wise with the 2nd row seats up or folded.

funnipets cargo liner with bike

I did find a couple of issues now that I have used it several times.

The biggest issue is that the canvas can snag on the pegs on my bike pedal. I ride with RaceFace Chester Pedals that have small set screws as traction pins. When I load the bike the pedals can snag on the canvas and it did result in one small tear so far of the top layer of canvas. There is a gap in the floor between the 2nd and 3rd row of seats. If the pedal you rest the bike on is facing forward into the car it can go into this gap pushing into the canvas and snag on it. If I was using clipless pedals that don’t have traction pins this would not be an issue at all. I would prefer the cover tears over tearing the leather on the seats when a pedal jams into this gap which is what would otherwise have happened.

tear in canvas material
flat pedal with traction pins

The side flaps stay in place pretty well with the suction cups. Expect at least 1 suction cup to fall off the windows every time you use it. You could replace them with better suction cups that would be more permanent if this bothers you.


The FunniPets Cargo Liner works well for protecting the rear of your SUV from bike mess. The material is adequate but you do have to be careful not to tear it with sharp bike parts such as flat pedals. It is a perfect fit size wise for a Ford Explorer with the 2nd row seats upright or folded down. The hardware works well for attaching the cover to the seats and windows and it stays in place well.

I would prefer a more durable fabric was a little heavier or rubberized. For $45 it will last long enough to be worth it’s cost. I expect it will last long enough to make it through a 3 year car lease. I think it will have enough tears and scratches by then to need replacement.

Overall I’m happy with it and would recommend it. I think it will last much longer if you ride with clipless pedals or pedals without traction pins. I think it will keep the carpet and plastic trims safe from scuffs, scratches and stains. If I was rating it on a scale of 1 to 5 I would probably give it a 4. With heavier duty materials I would give it a 5.

What We Liked
✔️ Perfect for a 2021 Ford Explorer
✔️ Has side flaps to protect interior trims and flap to cover bumper
✔️ Stays in place and covers what you need it to cover
What We Didn’t Like
Canvas material could be a bit more heavy duty. It tears easily on bike pedal traction pins
Suction cups work okay for holding the side flaps up. They fall off the windows regularly.

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