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Craft Cycling Jacket – Men’s Core SubZ – Great Cold Biking Jacket

craft cycling jacket men's core subz review

Biking in cold conditions can be a lot of fun but it presents a lot of clothing challenges. If you wear a jacket that’s too heavy you can easily become drenched in cold sweat. Too light and you will freeze the whole ride. We recently tried out the Craftsportswear Core SubZ Cycling jacket and found it to be excellent. Keep reading to learn more about the Craft cycling jacket.

About Craft Sportswear

Craft Sportswear is a Swedish company founded in 1973. They are focused on making high performance clothing for endurance sports. They make some of the finest clothing available for biking, cross country skiing, and running. They are also focused on sustainability by using recycled materials and low CO2 output for shipping.

Features of the Craft Cycling Jacket – MEN’S CORE SUBZ

Best Cold Weather Cycling Jacket

Craft Sportswear Men’s Core SubZ Cycling Jacket
Craft Core SubZ Cycling Jacket Product Image

Key Features and Specifications

  • Comfortable and Warm – Softshell outer with fleece lining. Silicone elastic gripper at back keeps the jacket in place
  • Zipper Pocket – One big zippered back pocket to hold necessary items
  • Safety at Night – Reflective prints and details for enhanced safety
  • Wind and Water Proof – Wind and waterproof fabric, WP 8,000 and MVP 5,000
  • Fabric – Face: 100% polyester, Mid: 100% Polyurethane, Back: 100% Polyester
  • Fit – Athletic

The Craft Sportswear Core Subz jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry for cold weather cycling. It is windproof and water resistant with a fleece lining. I picked it up to wear mountain biking during the spring and fall seasons in Michigan and for occasional winter rides. This was the first piece of clothing I have tried from Craft Sportswear. I am quite impressed by it. This item was provided by Craft for review. I will be buying more items from them in the future for cycling.

bike helmet and jacket on trail

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The SubZ Core Jacket retails for $134.99 on the Craft Sportswear website. Some Craft Sportswear products can also be found for sale at Amazon, Backcountry, and Moosejaw.


The materials and construction of this jacket are exactly what I would expect to see for the price. There is a lot of attention to detail in the stitching, trimming, seams, and accessories such as zippers and elastics. There is a silicone bead around the waist to keep the jacket from riding up while you are wearing it.

The jacket is made from polyester fabric softshell and fleece lining. Both the chest and sleeves are fleece lined. It has a wind and waterproof rating of WP 8,000 and MVP 5,000.

The jacket does not have a hood.

craft cycling jacket front
jacket inside details


The jacket has one large rear pocket with a zipper across your lower back. There are no side pockets or pockets inside the jacket. I would like a couple more pockets for storing my phone or keys which I don’t always want to put in my backpack or saddle pack.

rear zipper pocket


I am a larger guy over 200 lbs. I followed the advice on the website and ordered up one size and got a XXL. It’s just about the right fit and length for me. According to their website their clothes fit “long and lean”. I would pay attention to this when ordering.

The jacket is stretchy enough to fit over a few layers for extra warmth. I wouldn’t call it roomy but there is enough stretch to handle layering. It’s not as big or bulky as the Mountain Hardwear jacket I have been wearing. It is a lot more flexible and stretchy for movement.

On the bike

Cold weather cycling presents a lot of challenges for a jacket. It needs to be warm enough when you start out that you aren’t freezing. It can’t be too hot once you get warmed up and you are outputting a lot of body heat. It needs to breathe well so that you don’t get drenched in sweat that can’t escape the jacket.

wearing craft jacket on bike

I have worn the jacket for a few cooler spring rides now. I find I have plenty of room to wear baselayers and a midlayer underneath the jacket. The jacket has a nice compressive feel to it. It’s 4 way stretch material gives you plenty of movement for biking.

The jacket with a baselayer and midlayer is warm enough to ride out in the 35-45F temperature range. If it is colder I will want another baselayer or light sweater or fleece under it. In 45-50F temperature range I would wear it just with a baselayer or cycling jersey underneath.

The jacket has good breathability when you start sweating. It doesn’t trap the moisture and make the rider feel like a wet cold sponge after a few hours.

The jacket is long enough to cover my backside while sitting on a mountain bike. The silicone waste bead does a good job of keeping the jacket from riding up.

The collar has a nice amount of fleece lining. It feels soft around the neck. The fleece collar covers the zipper so you don’t feel any chafing from it.

I do not like riding in the rain so have not tried out the water resistance of the jacket. It beads off water falling from trees or that you pick up from puddles or branches. I am sure it would work fine for light rain.

After several rides on trails. The material is holding up well to rubbing against branches and brush along the single track.

Craft Cycling Jacket – MEN’S CORE SUBZ Summary

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Craft Sportswear Men’s Core SubZ Cycling Jacket
Craft Core SubZ Cycling Jacket Product Image
What we liked
  • Comfortable stretchy fit that is easy to move and bike in
  • Warm enough for colder days
  • High quality materials and construction
What we didn’t like
  • I would prefer a pocket or 2 on the side and front
  • High cost

Wrap Up

The Craft Sportswear Core SubZ Cycling jacket is an excellent jacket. It works great for cold weather biking days. There is enough insulation to keep you warm but not too much. It is stretchy and flexible enough to let you move easily on your bike. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for cold weather bike gear.

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