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4 Hours Hiking In Mammoth Cave. The Grand Avenue Tour

Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the world’s longest cave system. Mammoth Cave currently has 405 miles of documented cave within its system. It is still being explored and more tunnels are being discovered. Mammoth Cave is a great place to visit for an easy to explore cave with many interesting rock features. We … Read more

The 10 Best Ski Resorts in Michigan Of Winter 2022

Michigan is rich in skiing history. Norwegian immigrants, who viewed skiing as a way of life, brought skiing to the state of Michigan in the 1800s. The first ski jumping competition was held in Michigan on February 23rd, 1888. The first winter sports park which later became Hanson Hills was opened in 1920s. Mont Ripley … Read more

Michigan Upper Peninsula Skiing (4 Great Days, 5 Ski Resorts)

This winter we took a long weekend road trip to experience Michigan Upper Peninsula skiing. Michigan, in general, is not really thought of as a skiing destination. The upper peninsula of Michigan is one of more rural out there places in the United States. There are a dozen or so ski resorts hanging out north … Read more

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort. The Best Michigan Skiing Of 2022

Mount Bohemia is a legendary ski resort on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan. It was featured in USAToday’s 10 best ski resorts. It’s been featured in Powder Magazine several times. Mount Bohemia has a reputation of being a powder paradise in an area of the country not known for skiing. It is way out there in the middle of … Read more

First Time Guide To Skiing Out West In 2022

You’ve been skiing at bit at Mt Holly, or your small local ski resort, and you’ve taken some road trips to up north or Vermont. Someone introduced you to the Warren Miller film and you’ve seen some out of this world scenes from resorts out west such as Jackson Hole. It’s time for your first … Read more

You Can Kayak In Ann Arbor. Argo Cascade Adventure

The Huron River Water Trail runs through Ann Arbor, Michigan making it a great place for recreation. The city runs a couple of liveries making it easy to canoe and kayak in Ann Arbor. The Argo Park livery and the Gallup Park livery. Both places have kayaks, canoes, SUP’s and other watercraft to use on … Read more

Clinton River Kayak. An Easy 2 Hour Paddle Everyone Can Do

The Clinton River, in South East Michigan is a great place to spend an afternoon on the water. The Clinton River starts in northern Oakland County and flows out into Lake St Clair. Clinton River Canoe and Kayak offers river trips between 1 and 6 hours. Trips range in difficulty from easy to class 3 … Read more