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Detroit Ski Resorts. Find The Best Local Skiing Of 2023

Detroit is not exactly the mecca of skiing or winter sports in general. It gets cold here but it’s flat and we don’t get a ton of snow. The yearly average is only around 30 inches. Despite this, we do have skiing in the winter. There are a lot of really passionate people who take … Read more

The 10 Best Ski Resorts in Michigan

Michigan is rich in skiing history. Norwegian immigrants, who viewed skiing as a way of life, brought skiing to the state of Michigan in the 1800s. The first ski jumping competition was held in Michigan on February 23rd, 1888. The first winter sports park which later became Hanson Hills was opened in 1920s. Mont Ripley … Read more

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort Review (Relaxed Blue Bird Cruising)

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort in Harbor Springs Michigan is the sister resort to Boyne Mountain. Although Boyne Mountain is more famous nationwide, many skiers in Michigan believe that Boyne Highlands has much better skiing. Boyne Highlands Resort checks in as the biggest ski resort in Michigan by area at 435 acres. It has the highest … Read more

Nubs Nob Ski Resort ( Michigan’s Favorite Place To Ski )

Nubs Nob Ski Resort is a skier’s ski resort located in Harbor Springs Michigan. Chances are if your not from Michigan you’ve never heard of Nubs Nob Ski Resort. You’ve probably heard of Boyne Mountain and Mt Bohemia which seem to get all the attention. Nubs Nob is the nearly unanimous favorite among all my … Read more