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Smith I/O Mag Review – Great Goggles For Under $300

I’ve been skiing Smith I/O7 goggles for years. Their newest I/O version is the Smith I/O Mag ski and snowboard goggle. These are a frameless goggle design with magnetic swappable lenses. They offer modern styling with great clarity and an excellent field of view. I purchased a set to upgrade my aging goggles to something … Read more

15 Great Snow Gods You Can Worship For More Snow

The leaves are starting to change and fall is approaching so it’s time to start thinking about ski season. What is most important than fresh snow? Nothing. How do we get more snow? Worshipping Ullr has been a popular way for skiers to bring more snow. Are there any other snow gods out there we … Read more

Short vs Long Skis. Pick the Best Skis for You

If you are thinking about buying or renting downhill skis, you might be wondering what length skis you should get. Finding the correct ski length is as important as finding the right fit ski boot. The quick answer is that your skis should be between your chin and nose when they are standing next to … Read more

Buying Skis vs Renting. The Best Option For You

Should you buy or rent skis? If your thinking about learning to ski or skiing for a while you might be thinking of buying your own skis. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to buy skis or keep renting. Cost, convenience, terrain, and ability level are all things to consider. … Read more