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Wetsuit Vs Drysuit For Kayaking. Which One Is Better?

One of the great things about kayaking is that you can do it any time of year when the water isn’t frozen over. Kayaking doesn’t need to be a summer only sport. With the correct clothing, you can enjoy kayaking in any water temperature. What is the best and safest thing to wear kayaking in … Read more

The Best Inflatable Tandem Kayaks Of 2021 Helpful Guide

Kayaks have always been a great way to get away and explore new lakes and waterways. They give you a feeling of closeness to the water and nature. Rigid kayaks aren’t easy to store especially if you have no garage. Tandems with their extra length are even harder to find a place to keep. Inflatable … Read more

You Can Kayak In Ann Arbor. Argo Cascade Adventure

The Huron River Water Trail runs through Ann Arbor, Michigan making it a great place for recreation. The city runs a couple of liveries making it easy to canoe and kayak in Ann Arbor. The Argo Park livery and the Gallup Park livery. Both places have kayaks, canoes, SUP’s and other watercraft to use on … Read more

The Best Kayak Anchors Of 2021 And Helpful Anchoring Tips

If you love to kayak, chances are good that sooner or later you will want to anchor your kayak. Whether it’s for fishing or for taking a lunch break or just going for a swim, there are many reasons you might want to anchor your kayak. There are many styles and choices for kayak anchors. … Read more

Clinton River Kayak. An Easy 2 Hour Paddle Everyone Can Do

The Clinton River, in South East Michigan is a great place to spend an afternoon on the water. The Clinton River starts in northern Oakland County and flows out into Lake St Clair. Clinton River Canoe and Kayak offers river trips between 1 and 6 hours. Trips range in difficulty from easy to class 3 … Read more