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Epic Nalgene OG Bottle – Great Go Anywhere Water Filter

I recently got a chance to try out a couple of water bottles from Epic Water Filters. These have built in water filters allowing you to have clean filtered water anywhere. They eliminate the need to use bottled water where you are unsure of the quality of the water supply. I tried out the Epic … Read more

The Best Kayak Life Jackets Of 2022 Helpful Guide

Kayaking is a great watersport for exploring new places or a relaxing float down a stream. It is really fun and great exercise. When you are out on the water you never know what might happen. It is a good idea (And sometimes legally required) to wear or have a life jacket or PFD (Personal … Read more

The Best Inflatable Kayaks Under $500 Of 2022 Helpful Guide

Kayaks have always been a great way to get away and explore new lakes and waterways. Inflatable kayaks are a great way to get on the water without the hassle of storing a large kayak. A good inflatable kayak doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many good options available for under $500. If … Read more

Make Your SUP Into A Great Kayak With A SUP Kayak Seat

Do you sometimes wish for a kayak when you are out on your paddleboard? Sometimes sitting down is nice, especially when it’s windy. Sometimes you just want a relaxing paddle. Maybe you aren’t that comfortable standing on your board and you’d like to sit down. You can use a SUP kayak seat and convertible paddle … Read more

The Best Inflatable SUP Kayak Hybrids Of 2022 Helpful Guide

Stand up paddle boards and kayaks are both really fun. They offer different challenges and different ways to enjoy the water. Are you tight on space and have nowhere to store a full size paddle board or kayak? An inflatable stand up paddle board with kayak conversion might be the perfect thing for you. Let’s … Read more