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The 7 Best Skis For Intermediate Skiers of Winter 2023

Congratulations, you have learned to parallel turn are no longer a beginner skier. You’ve joined the ranks of the intermediate skier now who can go off exploring more of the mountain. You want a ski you can ski groomers with but you would also like to try going into the trees or maybe some bumps. … Read more

The Best Skis For Michigan Skiing 2023 Helpful Guide

The state of Michigan has around 37 ski resorts at the moment. The character of Michigan skiing is unique in that our vertical drop is small compared to out west or out east but our snowfall can be pretty significant due to the Lake Effect of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. What skis should you … Read more

The Best Heated Ski Gloves Of 2023 Test & Gear Guide

Many people suffer from cold hands while skiing. Some days you just can’t seem to keep your hands warm no matter what you do. Cold hands are not fun and we want to have fun while skiingor doing any other winter sport. Fortunately, heated ski gloves are here to save the day if you have … Read more

The Best Toe Warmers For Skiing Of Winter 2023

Many people suffer from cold toes and feet while skiing. It’s difficult to enjoy skiing and being in the snow with a constant feeling of cold in your ski boots. There are many toe and feet warmers to help with cold feet and toes while skiing. If this sounds like a good idea than we … Read more

The Best Womens Ski Goggles Of 2023 Helpful Guide

A good set of ski goggles can make your ski day much more enjoyable. There are so many options available. As a woman skier, what are the best women’s ski goggles for you? A good set of goggles should keep your face warm as well as helping you see better and provide UV protection. It … Read more