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We test and review the most popular gear from brands like Himiway, Gotrax, Hiboy, Turboant, Aventon, Juiced, Ride1Up and more.

How we make our reviews and recommendations

In-depth Reviews

We want you to know everything there is to know about a product by the time you finish reading our reviews.

Impartial Advice

There are very few perfect products out there. We promise to point out all the negatives of anything we try out.

Extensive Research

There is a lot of gear out there and we can’t try everything ( we want to ). We thoroughly research any item we recommend. If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t recommend it.

Meet the E.R.O. Bike Staff

Biking author

Brian Thompson
Staff Writer | Biking

Brian grew up in Germany and came to the US after finishing University. He is an mountain and road biker and loves hitting up the trails. He is a big fan of e-bikes and uses them for his daily commute and running errands. Why ride a car when you can have that much more fun riding a bike. He spent time growing up as a bike shop mechanic at his local shop as a way to pay for his biking obsession.


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