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The Best Womens Ski Goggles Of 2022 Helpful Guide

A good set of ski goggles can make your ski day much more enjoyable. There are so many options available? As a woman skier, what are the best women’s ski goggles for you? A good set of goggles should keep your face warm as well as helping you see better and provide UV protection. It should add style to your ski look as well. There is a wide range of ski goggles available these days with many different features. Prices can range from under $20 to over $1000. We made this guide to help you find the best women’s ski goggle for you.

Below are our top choices for the best ski goggles. See below for reviews of our top choices as well as information on goggle features.

☆ Top Pick

☆ Editor’s Choice

☆ Best Value

Oakley Flight Deck XM

Smith I/O Mag S

OutdoorMaster Pro

Great Oakley style combined with PRIZM lenses in a medium fit frame

Small fit ChromaPop lens goggles with great clarity and easy swap lenses

Great value ski goggles with good easy swap lenses, anti-fog performance, and medium fit frame

The Top 5 Best Women’s Ski Goggles of 2022

1 – Oakley Flight Deck XM Women’s Ski Goggles

Top Pick

  • Prizm Snow is Oakley’s exclusive lens technology that’s engineered to help you see contrast on the mountain in a variety of challenging light and snow conditions.
  • Rimless frame design provides increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility, while our Ridgelock Lens Change System lets you easily adapt to changing conditions
  • Optically correct injection-molded dual Plutonite lens material with F3 Anti-fog coating that provides 100% protection against UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm


The Oakley Flight XM Deck Goggles are a stylish high performing ski goggle. The XM version is a smaller frame version of the popular Oakley Flight Deck Goggles. These goggles have a swappable lens. You can have lenses for sunny day skiing and other conditions. The goggles only include one lens. These come in Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin Signature editions as well for the ski race fans out there.

The Oakley Prizm technology helps refract light with higher definition. You can see more definition of the snow and surroundings with a prizm lens than with the naked eye. Choose a lens with a VLT suitable for bright light such as black or jade iridium for sunny day skiing. The Oakley F3 anti fog coating is one of the best performing in the industry. The high quality face foam around the frame feels great.

The Oakley Flight XM Deck ski and snowboarding Goggles are one of the best performing ski goggles today. They are high cost and we wish that a second lens was included for the money. Most other swappable lense goggles include a second lens. If cost is no issue these are great ski goggles for bright light or any skiing conditions. This is our overall Top Pick for best womens ski goggle

See our review of other sunny day ski goggles here.

Who are these for?

Someone who wants the style and superior lenses from Oakley and is willing to pay for it.

What we liked

  • High definition visibility from PRIZM lens
  • Great anti-fog performance
  • Rimless design for increased visibility

What we didn’t like

  • High cost
  • Easily scratched lenses

2 – Smith Optics I/O Mag S Women’s Ski Goggles

Editor’s Choice

  • Performance and function comes in all shapes and sizes. We packed our newest innovation, the Smith MAG interchangeable system, into a smaller frame and combined that with ChromaPop lens technology
  • VISION – Smith MAG interchangeable system, Includes bright light and low light ChromaPop performance lenses, Spherical carbonic-x lens, 5X anti-fog inner lens, TLT lens technology for crystal clear vision
  • FIT – Women’s medium fit, Responsive Fit frame design, QuickFit strap adjustment system with clip buckle, 3-layer DriWix face foam


The Smith I/O Mag S Snow Goggle is a great high performance women’s ski goggle. The I/O Mag S is the smallest frame size I/O Mag ski goggles that Smith currently offers. The I/O goggles have been around for many years and a proven solid performer. The new magnetic lens swap system is a great addition. The old I/O lens system was not something you could swap in seconds on a chairlift ride or standing on the slopes. You can now swap the lens quickly and easily any time you want.

The Chromopop lens technology from Smith Optics gives high definition light refraction. This means you can differentiate colors easier and see better. The Chromopop Storm Rose is a great flat light lens and comes as the extra lens for most Smith I/O goggles. Some do come with other second lenses so please check what you are buying. These goggles have great ventilation and anti-fogging when combined with a Smith helmet.

The Smith I/O Mag S Snow Goggles are one of the best womens ski goggles available today. My wife and I have both been using I/O’s for years and have always been satisfied with them in any light condition. These are my pick for overall best women’s snow goggles and best goggle for flat light.

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See our complete detailed review of the Smith I/O Mag ski and snowboard goggles here. See our review of the Smith Mission MIPS helmet here.

Who are these for?

Someone who wants great lens and anti-fog performance combined with an easy to change lens

What we liked

  • High definition Chromopop lens
  • Most goggles include 2 lens
  • Magnetic lens swapping with latches

What we didn’t like

  • High cost
  • Easily scratched lenses

3 – OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

Best Value

  • PERFORMANCE SKI GOGGLES WITH FRAMELESS DESIGN – Large spherical, frameless lens provides a truly unobstructed & clear view of the slopes. Designed for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE & COMFORT.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENS SYSTEM – Enjoy a wide range of extra lenses. Swap for day/night & different weather conditions. CHOOSE AMONG 20+ DIFFERENT LENSES. Extra lenses sold separately.
  • UV PROTECTION – All lenses are ANTI-FOG COATED & offers 100% UV400 PROTECTION.
OM Black Friday Banner 2021


The OutdoorMaster Pro Frameless Skiing Goggles are great full feature cheap ski goggles. These goggles feature a magnetic swapping spherical lens. They are also OTG compatible for those of us who wear prescription glasses. Only one lens is included with the goggles if you buy from Amazon. A combo with a second lens is available directly from OutdoorMaster. Other lenses can are available separately.

These goggles have dual pane lenses with anti-fog coating and ventilation. Their anti-fog performance is good but not as good as found on high end ski goggles. The magnets attaching the lens are strong enough to stay on through almost any fall. You should be careful not to drop a lens if you change them on a chairlift. The spherical lens has high clarity and low distortion. It doesn’t have the great color refraction that the Chromopop/SONAR/Vivid/PRIZM have. For the cost, you still get good performance in almost any light condition.

These goggles are an excellent value. They have most of the performance of more expensive goggles at a much lower price. This makes it our top pick for best value ski goggles and best value in flat light ski goggles.

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See our detailed review of the OutdoorMaster Pro ski goggles to learn more. See our article OutdoorMaster goggles vs Smith to see how these compare to Smith I/O Mag goggles.

front view with goggles

Who are these for?

Someone who wants excellent value with good performing, really easy to swap lenses.

What we liked

  • Variety of styles and lens tints
  • Magnetic quick change lens system
  • Variety of colors and lenses

What we didn’t like

  • Lenses not quite as good as Oakley Prizm or Smith Chromapop

4 – Smith Riot Snow Goggle

Best Under $100 Women’s Ski Goggle

  • Cylindrical Carbonic-x lens for clarity and impact resistance with built-in Airflow technology for active ventilation
  • Fog-X anti-fog inner lens for fog-free performance
  • Available with ChromaPop™ lens: ChromaPop™ enhances contrast and natural color to make the details pop


The Smith Riot snow goggles are a great value women’s swappable lens ski goggle. They come with 2 lenses in a variety of lens, frame, and strap color options. The 2nd lens is always yellow which doesn’t match some frame colors well.

These goggles feature Smith’s Chromapop lens technology. Chromapop lenses are great for bringing out the detail and color definition. They let you see well on the flattest light day. They have a cylindrical lens. A flat lens will always have more distortion than a spherical lens goggles.

They have a strap with 2 adjustments so you can adjust the length from either hand. The adjusters won’t get in the way of the strap on the back of some ski helmets. The foam around the frame is only double layered instead of the triple layer found on higher end goggles. They aren’t as comfortable on your face as a ski goggle with triple layer foam.

The lenses take some effort to swap. They aren’t as easy to swap as on I/O or I/O Mag goggles. They are much lower cost as well.

The Smith Riot Goggles are a great value for mid-priced women’s snowboard goggles.

Who are these for?

Someone who wants the clarity of Chromapop lenses and great anti-fog performance at a reasonable price.

What we liked

  • High clarity Chromapop lens
  • Bonus 2nd low light lens included
  • Available in many frame/strap and lens color options

What we didn’t like

  • Only 2 layers of foam around the frame
  • Lens is cylindrical

5 – Julbo Shadow Photochromic Womens Snow Goggles

Best Photochromic Ski Goggle

  • Design – A huge field of vision with large, rounded, spherical lens paired with the highest quality photochromic lens. Very light weight at only 135 grams. Goggle Size: Medium
  • Lens – REACTIV All Around 2-3 – Photochromic lens with has Rose tint for best contrast. 100% ABC UV Protection.
  • Light Conditions – Sun to partly cloudy. Automatically adjusts from light to dark tint quickly regardless of air temperature
  • Fog Free – Double lens construction with long lasting inner lens anti-fog coating & Air Flow venting in the frame


The Julbo Shadow Photochromic Snow Goggles are good for almost any light condition. These goggles have a photochromic lens that adjusts as the amount of light changes. This makes them work well for almost any daylight condition. For night skiing you may want something with a higher VLT.

The photochromic lens works well at adapting to light conditions. On partly cloudy days where there is a constant change from bright light to flat light the goggles keep up.

The Shadow features Superflow anti-fogging. The lens can be moved forward to create a gap with the frame. This gap allows an increase in airflow into the goggles to prevent fog. For backcountry skiers or anyone hiking or climbing for their next run, this is a great feature. You can vent the goggles more uphill and seal them up for downhill.

The Julbo Shadow Photochromic ski goggle is a great one lens option for any ski day. This cost is high but they are high quality and high performance. If you want a great anti fog ski goggle you can use on low light and bright days these may be the ski goggle for you.

Who are these for?

Someone who wants the versatility to ski in most light conditions with a photochromic lens.

What we liked

  • Photochromic lens good in many light conditions
  • Wide field of view
  • Superflow anti-fog performance

What we didn’t like

  • Lenses scratch easily
  • High cost

Things to consider when looking for women’s ski goggles

When you go shopping for a women’s ski or snowboard goggle, a few things are important. It needs to fit well. It needs to work with your ski helmet. It needs good anti-fog performance. The lens needs to work with the light conditions you will be skiing in. They should be stylish and look good too. A good pair of ski goggles should help keep our faces warm and help us see better. Let’s look at what makes a good set of women’s ski goggles.

Here is a quick video with tips for selecting ski goggles. Below are the most important factors to consider when choosing a pair of ski goggles.


I’ll start with a note about fit. Everyone’s faces are of different shapes. Ski goggles are different shapes also. What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another person. When picking ski goggles, don’t worry if you get them and they don’t feel good. The shape is probably wrong for you. Send them back and try a different pair.

Most ski goggles are unisex. Goggle’s marketed as women’s ski goggles are mostly just the smaller frame version of a goggle. Depending on your head size and face shape, unisex or men’s ski goggles may be more comfortable for you than small frame women’s ski goggle.

Ski goggles should feel snug and secure on your face. They shouldn’t feel so tight that they hurt or cause pressure points. They should not feel like they are pressing off your nose or pushing too hard on our forehead or ears. You want them to be tight enough they stay in place without bouncing around. They don’t need to be much tighter than that.

VLT, Lens Color & Polarized Lens

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. This is a measurement of how much visible light a lens will let pass through. A VLT of 99% means 99% of light passes through. A VLT of 15% means only 15% of light passes through. Darker lenses with low VLT are best for bright days. Clear lenses with high VLT are best for darker days or night skiing. A polarized lens can also help with glare and distortion on both really bright and flat light days as well as protecting against UV rays. The below table gives an VLT range for different light conditions.

VLT for ski goggles table

Anti-Fog Performance

Fogged up ski goggles will make it hard to see in any conditions including flat light. We want goggles with strong anti-fog performance. For a ski goggle to have good anti-fog performance it must have dual pane lenses, ventilation, and an anti-fog coating. Almost every set of ski goggles today comes with these 3 features. There are some that work much better than others.


Ventilation helps your ski goggles stay clear and fog free. The vents allow the moist air inside your goggles to leave. A good flow of dry air into the goggles goes a long way towards keeping your goggles from fogging.

Many ski helmets have vents that direct airflow into the ski goggles. Goggle ventilation works much better as a system with ski goggles. If you have a mismatched helmet and goggles, it is possible for the helmet to block the goggle venting.

Anti-fog coating

The lens coating is another weapon your goggles have in their fight against fogging. The anti-fog coating helps prevent water droplets from condensing on the lens. There are anti-fog coatings available to add to your goggles if they don’t have any.

Dual Pane Lenses

Dual-pane lenses are another feature that helps prevent fogging in our ski goggles. They allow for a thin dead air space between the layers that helps regulate the temperature of the lens. This allows the lens closer to your face to be warmer so that water droplets don’t have a cold surface to condense on.

Swappable Lenses

Some ski goggles have swappable lenses. You can keep a low light lens in your pocket to switch too as light and weather change. This is perfect since you can use the same pair of ski goggles for bright, low light and night skiing. Swappable lens ski goggles have a wide variety of swapping methods. The newer versions using magnets are fast and easy to swap. Older systems that use various latches and notches can be a pain to switch.

The easier it is to swap lenses, the more often you will find yourself switching lenses to the best lense for the conditions.


If you need to wear prescription glasses to see and you don’t like wearing contacts you need to look for an OTG goggle. These are designed to fit over glasses. Another option is a prescription insert that can fit in most goggles. See our guide to the best OTG goggles to learn more.


Your ski goggles are an important part of your ski outfit. Everyone wants to look good while skiing. All ski goggles don’t go with all ski outfits. Find a pair of ski goggles that you like the looks of and are comfortable. This is another area where the “Goggle Gap” comes in. It looks bad and will give you a cold forehead if you have too much goggle gap. Goggle gap has spawned the term “Gaper” referring to skiers that don’t know what they are doing.

Women’s Ski Goggles FAQ

Q: What color lens is best for ski goggles?

Flat light conditions are the most challenging to see while skiing. Ski goggles lenses that are light yellow, orange, and red shades work better for flat light. Those colors work better at allowing you to see differences in snow surfaces. Clear lenses work the best for night skiing. Very dark shades and mirror lenses work the best for bright conditions.

Q: Which ski goggles are best?

The top end ski goggles from Oakley, Smith, ANON, and Giro are all popular and regarded as being really good. You really can’t go wrong with the frameless, swappable lens goggles from any of them. Lower priced options from Bolle, Scott, OutdoorMaster and Zionor are good performers as well.

Q: What are the best Oakley ski goggles?

The Oakley Flight Deck and Oakley Air Brake are their 2 current high end models. These are both frameless with quick lens swapping. Both of them feature Oakley Prizm lense technology.

Q: Are photochromic ski goggles worth it?

Photochromic Ski goggles tend to be pricy for good lenses that work. They work great for partly cloudy and low light days. Partly cloudy is their best day when the light is going from bright to flat and back again. They don’t have VLT as dark as dedicated bright light ski goggles lenses. They don’t have VLT as light as a clear or slightly tinted lense for night skiing. Photochromic lenses can work most of the time well. They won’t work as well as single tint lenses on the brightest and darkest ski days.

Q: What are the best ski goggles for low light?

The following lenses featuring the best lens technology and colors for flat light conditions.

  • Smith Chromopop – Storm yellow flash, storm rose flash
  • Anon SONAR – Infrared SONAR, Blue Sonar
  • Oakley PRIZM – hi pink iridium, rose, persimmon
  • Giro VIVID – Infrared, Apex

See my review of best flat light ski goggles for more information.

Q: What VLT is best for all conditions?

There is no VLT that works great for all conditions. If you want a goggle that will work okay on most days try something in the 20-30% range. It will work good for flat light. It will be not quite dark enough on a bright sunny day. It will be a little bit too dark for night skiing but you will still get by.

women skier wearing ski goggles

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