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The Best Ski Goggles Under $50 Of 2021 Helpful Guide

A good set of ski goggles makes spending the day in cold weather much more comfortable and enjoyable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a really good set of ski goggles. There are many excellent ski goggles available for under $50. Fit, VLT, anti-fog performance, and swappable lenses are all things to consider when looking at ski goggles. Let’s take a look at the best ski goggles under $50 available for winter 2020/2021.

Below are our top 3 picks for the best ski goggles under $50. For more detailed reviews, guide and FAQ keep reading below.

Top Pick

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

Editors Choice

Wildhorn Roca Ski Goggles

Best Value

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

Top 5 Best Ski Goggles Under $50

Top Pick

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

  • One of Bollés newest style of goggles, offering simple styling and technically advanced features
  • OTH (Over the Helmet) fit engineered with current helmet designs in mind, in order to ensure a smooth fit
  • Double Layer Face Foam foam backs up soft micro-fleece face layer


The Bolle Carve Snow Goggles are a solid, good value set of ski goggles. Bolle has been making ski goggles for a long time and know how to make a good performing set of goggles.

These goggles check off all the boxes for a good set of low light ski goggles. They have a red/vermillion tint lens. They have dual pane lenses with anti-fog coating to keep them clear. They have adequate ventilation as well. Their anti-fog and low light performance is good.

The double layer foam with fleece lining makes them comfortable to wear. Some people thought they pinched a bit at the nose. One size ski goggle never fits all face shapes.

The Bolle Carve goggles are a great option for budget ski goggles that will perform well on flat light ski days or sunny days. This makes them the top pick for best ski goggle under $50.

What We Liked
✔️ Double layer foam with fleece lining
✔️ Good ventilation 
✔️ Good lens tint for flat light
What We Didn’t Like
Easily scratched lens
They sometimes ship Bolle Mojo Goggles when you order Carve Goggles

Editor’s Choice

Wildhorn Roca Ski Goggles



The Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles are a good low cost goggle option. They have spherical lenses with magnetic swapping. They have side latches as well for a little extra lens security. They are designed by skiers and snowboarders in Utah and are a sponsor of the US-Ski Team.

These goggles have dual pane spherical lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. They scratch as easily as any goggles from Smith, Oakley or Giro. Their anti-fog performance is good but not as great as Smith or Oakley. They are available with a variety of lens tints. For flat light use the Blaze or Amber lenses for best performance.

The Wildhorn Roca goggles are a great value for a swappable lens goggle with high quality lenses and good anti-fog performance. We wish they included 2 lenses with their goggle frame. Extra lenses are not expensive and readily available. This makes them my top pick for best ski goggle under $50.

What We Liked
✔️ Magnetic lens with side latches
✔️ Low cost
✔️ Variety of colors and lenses
What We Didn’t Like
Lenses are not polarized
Does not include a 2nd lens

Best Value Ski Goggle

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

  • Otg (OVER-THE-GLASSES) design – ski goggles that fits over glasses. Suitable for both adults and youth.
  • Anti-fog lens & excellent optical clarity – dual-layer lens technology with anti-fog coating
  • Safe & Reliable with UV protection – soft TPU frame with lenses that provide 100% UV400 protection


The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles are a good solid low cost OTG goggle options. Outdoor Master is known for making good quality ski goggles at much lower prices then Oakley or Smith.

These goggles run a little smaller with size. They are good for medium sized heads and below. They have published guidelines for glasses size that will fit in them. 5.35inches x 1.65inches. They will not fit larger size prescription glasses.

They have adequate ventilation to keep from fogging up on all but the most humid of ski days. The frames have good foam padding and they are very comfortable to wear. Their anti-fog performance works a bit better without glasses than it does with them.

The OutdoorMaster OTG goggles are one of the best values in ski goggles available today. If you are looking for a budget option that will fit over your glasses or to wear without glasses these could be the goggles for you.

See my complete review of OTG ski goggles here.

What We Liked
✔️ Variety of lens tints and frame colors
✔️ Low price
✔️ Comfortable frame
What We Didn’t Like
Anti-fog performance degrades when used with glasses
Many lenses had a small amount of distortion.

Best under $100 Ski Goggle

Smith Squad Ski Goggle

  • The Squad XL is Smiths largest cylindrical goggle. ChromaPop lens innovation for crystal clear vision.
  • VISION: Cylindrical carbonic-x lens, Includes bright light and low light ChromaPop performance lenses.
  • FIT: Medium/large fit, Responsive Fit frame design, Dual-slide strap adjustment system, 3-layer DriWix face foam.


The Smith Squad Snow Goggle is a great performing goggle at a lower price point than their I/O line. The Squad has excellent Chromopop lens technology and great anti-fog venting. The lens swap system is not as slick or easy as goggles with magnetic systems.

The Chromopop lens technology from Smith Optics gives high definition light refraction. You can differentiate colors easier and see better than with the naked eye. Squad goggles all include 2 lenses in a variety of combinations.

The Smith Squad goggles are the best ski goggle under $100. Their excellent lenses and anti-fog performance make them a great buy.

See our review of other ski goggles under $100 here.

What We Liked
✔️ Good ventilation and anti-fog
✔️ High definition Chromopop lens
✔️ Extra lens included
What We Didn’t Like
Lenses scratch easily
Lenses take some effort to swap

Best Women’s Ski Goggle

Giro Balance Women’s Snow Goggles with Vivid Lens

  • INCLUDES – Giro Balance Ski Goggles, Colored Lens, and extra Yellow Lens (84% VLT – Night/Race)
  • EXV FRAME FOR WOMEN – Gorgeous styling in a wide field of view with EXV Technology and Anti-Fog Coating
  • SEAMLESS COMPATIBILITY WITH GIRO HELMETS – For optimal performance of both helmets and goggles.


The Giro Balance Women’s Snow Goggles with Vivid lenses are a great value in ski goggles. They include 2 lenses that will cover most ski conditions. The lenses use Giro’s Vivid technology which gives great definition and color clarity.

The size of the frame tends to run on the small side. If you have a larger size face these goggles may not fit well. The frames are designed to work with any Giro helmet to give a good gap free fit.

Anti-fog performance is great when they are new. Some users had moisture get between the dual pane lens layers. This caused fogging to start occurring after the first year. Many people have no problem with this lens design.

The Giro Balance Women’s goggles are a great deal coming with 2 vivid lenses in a stylish ski goggle design. These are our top pick for women’s ski goggle under $50.

What We Liked
✔️ Include 2 lenses
✔️ Comfortable frame
✔️ Giro Vivid Lens technology
What We Didn’t Like
Anti-fog performance not great after a couple years
They size small

skier with goggles on

How to choose the right ski goggles

The most important things to consider when looking for ski goggles are how they fit and how dark the lens is or VLT. You won’t be comfortable if your goggles don’t fit well and the anti-fog features won’t work well either. You don’t want a really dark lens for night skiing or a light lens for bright sunny days. Other features are nice to have too such as swappable lenses.


Ski goggle fit is important. Everyone’s faces are of different shapes. Ski goggles are different shapes also. What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another person. When picking ski goggles, don’t worry if you get them and they don’t feel good. The shape is probably wrong for you. Send them back and try a different pair. Ski goggles should feel snug and secure on your face. You want them to be tight enough they stay in place without bouncing around. They don’t need to be much tighter than that.


VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission. This is a measurement of how much visible light a lens will let pass through. A VLT of 99% means 99% of light passes through. A VLT of 15% means only 15% of light passes through. Darker lenses with low VLT are best for bright days. Clear lenses with high VLT are best for darker days or night skiing.

VLT for ski goggles table

The below video gives some tips for finding the right ski goggles for you.

Ski Goggle FAQ

Q: What color lens is best for ski goggles?

The best color lens depends on what type of day it is. Orange, Red, and Brown lenses are best for flat light days such as snowy, overcast, or foggy days. Very dark colored lenses or mirrored lenses are best for bright sunny days. Yellow and clear lenses are best for night skiing.

Q: Why are people wearing ski goggles?

Ski goggles make skiing more comfortable. They help keep your face warmer by blogging the wind. They protect your eyes and face from the sun. Being out on the snow gives you twice as much sun exposure. You get all the solar rays coming from the sky and the snow is almost a perfect reflector bouncing the rest back up.

Q: What are the best ski goggles to buy?

The best ski goggles are once that are comfortable, fit your face shape well, have great anti-fog performance and work with your helmet. You really can’t go wrong with goggles from SmithOakleyGiro, and Anon. Those are the 4 most popular brands and they all produce goggles from budget entry level through high end.

Q: Are goggles necessary for skiing?

Goggles aren’t a total necessity for skiing. Many people ski without goggles. Some people like to ski with sunglasses instead. If it’s a warmer day out in the upper 30’s or 40’s it may be more comfortable to ski without ski goggles. On colder days below the mid 30’s it is much more comfortable to wear ski goggles.

Q: Do beginners need ski goggles?

It is a good idea for beginning skiers to get ski goggles. They make your face and eyes much more comfortable. There are enough distractions when you are trying to ski without feeling like your face and eyes are cold. Even a very cheap set of ski goggles is better than no goggles for your time skiing.

skier wearing goggles mountain background

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