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Boost Surfing Motorized Fin – Electric Power your SUP and Kayak

An easy to use electric powered fin motor you can attach to almost any inflatable SUP or kayak Best SUP Motor – Best Inflatable Paddleboard Accessories Manufacturer and Model: Boost Surfing Motorized FinList Price: $699Available from: Boost Surfing Overall Score Top Speed7.0 Run Time8.0 Ease of Use8.5 Features8.0 Value9.0 Summary The Boost Surfing Motorized Fin … Read more

Thurso Surf Max 2023 – The Big SUV of Inflatable Paddleboards.

A large, very stable inflatable paddleboard with stiff durable construction that is good for almost any use. Top Pick – Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Best Value – Best SUP for Big Guys Top Pick – Best Paddle Board for Dogs Manufacturer and Model: Thurso Surf MaxList Price: $699Available from: Thurso Surf & Amazon Overall Score … Read more

Thurso Surf Expedition 150 – Fast, Fun, and Affordable

Great speed and glide with enough stability for any intermediate paddler that comes with a carbon paddle and triple action pump Best Value – Best Inflatable Touring SUP Manufacturer and Model: Thurso Surf Expedition 150List Price: $699Available from: Thurso Surf & Amazon Overall Score Stiffness9.0 Stability7.0 Speed Performance10.0 Tracking10.0 Accessories9.0 Portability8.0 Summary The Thurso Surf … Read more

NIXY Tahoe Inflatable Kayak 2023 – Versatile and Stiff Inflatble Kayak

A great performing inflatable kayak with a drop stitch floor that can be set up as a tandem or single kayak. Top Pick – Best $500 Inflatable Kayak Manufacturer and Model: NIXY TahoeList Price: $695Available from: NIXY & Amazon Overall Score Construction9.0 Stability9.0 Speed Performance8.0 Tracking8.5 Accessories9.0 Portability7.0 Summary The NIXY Tahoe is a new … Read more

Red Paddle Co Voyager 12’6″ 2023 – Built to Go the Distance

A fast efficient purpose built inflatable touring SUP that can go the distance and carry weight or heavy paddlers Best Touring Sup – Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Best Overall – Best Inflatable Touring Paddle Boards Manufacturer and Model: Red Paddle Co Voyager 12’6″List Price: $1699Available from: Red Paddle Co, GreenWaterSports, Backcountry and more … Read more

Valwix Electric Pump Review and Test – Good Value Fast Pump

The Valwix makes a lot of fun inflatables such as paddleboards and swimming pools. They also make some great accessories including an electric pump for your paddleboard. The Valwix electric pump can inflate boards to 20 psi. It has active cooling letting it inflate 3 or more boards in a row. Keep reading to get … Read more