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Smith Maze MIPS Ski Helmet – Test and Review 2023

Super lightweight MIPS ski helmet with good ventilation Top Pick – Best Freestyle Ski HelmetTop Pick – Best Ski Helmet Under $100 Manufacturer and Model: Smith Maze MIPSList Price: $125Available from: Smith, evo, Backcountry, Amazon & more Overall Score Construction8.5 Safety Features9.0 Comfort and Fit8.0 Warmth8.0 Ventilation8.0 Weight10.0 Summary The Smith Maze MIPS ski helmet … Read more

Smith Frontier Goggles Review & Test – Great Cheap Ski Goggles

Cheap ski goggles that have good lenses in flat light, big field of view, and lots of comfort. Top Pick – Best Ski Goggles Under $50 Manufacturer and Model: Smith Maze MIPSList Price: $50Available from: Smith, Curated, REI, Amazon & more Overall Score Lens Clarity8.0 Field of View9.0 Flat Light Performance9.0 Anti-fog Performance8.0 Lens Swapping6.0 … Read more

Outdoor Master Classic Snow Goggles – Great Cheap Anti-Fog OTG Ski Goggles

Cheap OTG compatible goggles with 3x anti-fog coating that come with a goggle sock. Best Under $50 – Best OTG Ski Goggles Manufacturer and Model: Outdoor Master Classic Ski GogglesList Price: $33.99-$39.99Available from: Outdoor Master and Amazon Overall Score Lens Clarity8.0 Field of View8.0 Flat Light Performance7.5 Anti-fog Performance8.5 Lens Swapping6.0 Comfort7.0 Summary The Outdoor … Read more

Smith 4D Mag Review – Great Ski Goggles with a Giant Field of View

Ski goggles with unmatched giant field of view combined with high performance ChromaPop lenses. Overall Best Goggle – Best Ski GogglesTop Pick – Best Ski Goggle for Flat LightTop Pick – Best Women’s Ski Goggle Manufacturer and Model: Smith 4D MagList Price: $320-$350Available from: Smith, Curated, Backcountry, Amazon & more Overall Score Lens Clarity9.5 Field of View10.0 Flat Light Performance10.0 Anti-fog Performance9.0 Lens Swapping9.0 … Read more