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Launched in 2020, Endless Rush Outdoors is a digital gear review publication based in Michigan. We are focused on finding the best gear and tips and bringing it to you. Our mission is to provide the best gear recommendations and gear tips you can find. Our focus is on providing the best review in a clear concise useful manner. We understand that time spent reading our site is time that could have gone to something more fun.

Endless Rush Outdoors was founded by a diehard outdoor enthusiast and gear junkie. We are enthusiastic at finding the gear and equipment that makes life more fun and easier or both. We hate buying something only to find out its junk.

We have decades of experience with skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, camping, and hiking. If we haven’t tried an activity yet, we will.

We want to help you find the best gear to help you maximize your time and enjoyment. The right gear and tips can help anyone enjoy life more. We get excited at the thought of getting new gear and trying it out. We hope you will share that excitement with anything we recommend.

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